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TransportVisually Impaired

Atsence is a Dutch based company, which provides monitoring and tracking services to traffic, airports, malls, hospitals and other institutions to optimize their locations. Their vision is to enhance customer services and create smart cities of the future.

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CorporateMore IndustriesVisually Impaired

AudiblEye’s goal is to enable visually impaired and blind people navigate effortlessly inside buildings. They provide a mobile app enahnced with an audio guide, which provides verbal directions to the user.

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BILLA was founded in Austria in the 1950s as one of the first groceries following a self service system. Nowadays it is part of the REWE Group and as major European supermarket chain operates more than 1.000 stores in Austria alone.

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Proximity Marketing


DsignMarking is a Dutch company specialized on branding, signing and retail. The team will help you establish a strong and successful brand, create retail concepts and design the interior of your premises.

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