Accurate indoor localization

A mobile SDK that enables you to get position updates indoors.
Your mobile app can now locate and navigate inside buildings. Real-time indoor navigation.

Localization provides the exact position inside buildings and notifies the application when the user enters, leaves or changes floor level inside a building.
This feature can be used to accurately locate yourself and others in extraordinarily useful contexts such as airports, shopping malls, conference centers, etc.

Note: Networks such as mobile hotspots are automatically filtered, and those that should not be used by the program can easily be excluded out of the localization process.

Additional Developer Features

We provide you additional features like:

    - White-label-app
    - Routing
    - Analytics


To get the most out of your app, usage and anonymized motion profiles are stored to provide additional information about a venue.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – use our SDK!

Position Updates tells your application the current position (as X,Y,Z coordinates) ~ every second.
X and Y coordinates are your position on the Z floor.

Enter/Leave Building notifies the application when the user enters or leaves a building.
The notification also contains information about the building, the user entered/left.

Changed Floor notifies the application when the user changed the floor level inside a building.
Information about the floor ID and common floors like ‘cellar’, ‘topfloor’, etc. are provided.

Simply use the SDK

Don’t worry about the technology and the math thats running behind the scenes.
Add as an intuitive SDK and additional content in your apps.