10 Reasons why you should start using indoo.rs

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Why you should use indoo.rs

Although the market for Indoor Positioning may not be saturated yet, it may already be difficult to keep a good overview of all technology providers and their services. Choosing one of them could become a challenging task. Therefore, we would like to assist you with the decision making by breaking down the top 10 reasons why you should be using indoo.rs services.

1. We offer the most advanced and accurate Indoor Navigation Platform

Most companies will probably claim the very same. However, our company was established in 2010, when Indoor Positioning was still in its infancy. We have been there from the very beginning and gained vast experience in the field over the years. Comprised of a dedicated team of experts, indoo.rs has secured its position at the forefront of the industry by delivering accurate results, continuously improving with the most innovative technologies used. Have a look at our customer section, to see which big and global players also trust in our solutions.

2. We’re starting technology revolutions

Despite our position at the forefront of the Indoor Positioning industry, we don’t just stop and rest on our laurels, we continuously strive to improve ourselves and contribute to a user friendly technology and highly accurate solution. If you want to be the best, a healthy drive for change and innovation is indespensable in this industry. Especially as more and more copanies are entering the market, you cannot take the liberty to just stagnate and not move on to the next level.

Recently, we have launched our SLAM Engine™, an innovative technology significantly increasing efficiency of mapping processes, which marks the first step in the SLAM revolution towards Crowd Learning.


Map of a building which used the SLAM Engine™

The map on the left was created using Fingerprinting recordings. The one on the right uses SLAM recordings. From the colour codes (red=bad accuracy, blue=good accuracy), you can see that the SLAM map is a lot more accurate than the other one. Follow our SLAM revolution

3. We accompany you on your indoo.rs journey

Our customer is king! We’re always doing our best to make your indoo.rs project special and not only provide you with the best possible Indoor Positioning system, but also support you all the way through. Whether you have initial questions, are stuck in a specific stage and need advice or want us to help you with the set up on-site, as they say, we are your man. Using indoo.rs, you definitely won’t feel left alone with your project.

4. We provide seamless transitions

There’s no need to worry if you want to use Indoor Localization and Navigationin on more than just one floor. indoo.rs has an automated floor recognition, which means that your map and route will automatically switch to the next floor instantly once you have reached it. Moreover, we provide seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, so once you step outside, GPS will take over to help you navigate, and vice versa. That way you can easily navigate to the exit of the building and once outside, navigate to your car on the parking lot.

5. We work offline

One of the most frequently asked questions we find ourselves confronted with is whether or not you require a connection to the internet while using our services. The answer is no. Neither while setting up the system, nor as a user while navigating the unexplored indoors. Speaking of FAQs, we’d like to take the chance to also clarify another popular myth here, which is circulating amongst users, i.e. due to Beacons usage, your smartphone would run out of battery faster than usual. That is not true. As we are using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, it will only consume a minimal amount of your phone’s battery life, so you will hardly even notice it.

6. We are developer friendly

If you are an app developer, you will have easy game with our SDK, which is designed to be used primarily by app developers, who can then integrate our software into any existing app. You won’t need a third party in order to make indoo.rs work.

7. We support all leading platforms

We want to reach as many people as possible, who can use our services, without compromising on quality for our products and services. Therefore, we have dedicated developers who work hard to deliver the best possible SDK for both worldwide leading platforms, Android and iOS.

10 reasons to use indoo.rs _ apple android

8. We offer the widest range of solutions fit for all industries

You can’t always have it all. indoo.rs however gets closest of all to providing a holistic solution, which includes all possible features to use the software in any imaginable way. While some competitors may stop at Indoor Navigation and Routing, indoo.rs goes much further by providing a Visually Impaired Navigation solution, Proximity Messaging and Marketing, Asset Tracking, Analytics and a Beacon Infrastructure Management Platform. Despite this broad spectrum of use cases and solutions, we can proudly say that we manage to maintain our high quality standards and keep our position at the forefront of the Indoor Navigation industry.

9. We care for the physically challenged

While technology is steadily advancing, bringing huge improvements and conveniences to us, people with special needs are often forgotten about. Indoor Navigation on smartphones is a great solution if you have normal sight, however, how do people with visual impairments benefit from this innovation? Since showing the route on the phone’s map in real time is not enough in such a case, indoo.rs developed a special app which works with an audio guide to give blind users verbal directions. This gives them a much more detailed understanding of their surroundings, helps them navigate unknown indoor venues independently and thus also boosts their self-confidence.

10 reasons to use indoo.rs _ sfo

Martinez from Lighthouse for the Blind testing indoo.rs Visually Impaired App at San Francisco Airport

10. We want you to know what we know

Knowledge transfer is one of the aspects we think of as essential to bring the idea of Indoor Navigation to a broader audience within a smaller timeframe. To achieve this, we do not only send out our engineers to help you put your plans into action, we also provide trainings for you and your employees, which will give you the competency to perfectly set up the Beacon infrastrucuture and do SLAM recordings to create the map on your own. You will be educated to become an expert for setting up a complete Indoor Navigation system and can easily pass on this knowledge to your own customers as well.

If you aren’t a user yet but would like to test our SDK, you can do so by registering here

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