Discussion time: is social media worthless?


Social Media for business

In the last blog we discussed how increasingly important indoor navigation is becoming. A further evidence for that is indoo.rs being featured on US radio. Cool, right? Anyways, we do not want to dedicate this blog to bragging about how good we are (again :P) but rather to raising a discussion about the effectiveness and importance of social media and would like to invite you to share your views on that.

Social media has proven its usefulness for creating awareness around social and political campaigns. The question now is how useful it is in the business context. We can all agree that social media has a huge reach but does it actually bring revenues? Do you, like Coca Cola, not see “any statistically significant relationship between our buzz and our short-term sales”.

We are looking forward to hearing your opinion!

Next week we are going shopping … I mean we will be at  the Shopping Mall Symposium in Vienna. We will keep you updated on what’s new there soon. Watch out for the shopping centre apps as they will soon be navigating you around your favourite shops… and that thanks to indoo.rs 🙂