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Hi everyone!

From both a technical and business perspective, 2011 was a tough, intense and very successfull year for

Feedback on our first prototype in March was great, since then we developed a first stable version of our SDK. Our team is steadily growing, and we are now 5 persons strong. As a result, we will ship our first public beta later in 2012. Expect more fresh news on our blog in 2012, it’s where our developers and business partners will get latest news on weekly basis from now on. (Subscribe RSS | Twitter | Newsletter).


Google Indoor Maps

You may have read the Google announcement on their Indoor Maps product and we want to let you know how our technology works completely different compared to Google.

Google maps allows you to use Google Maps to locate indoors… but only with the following limitations

  • Google indoor Maps relies on Android technology only, no support for iPhone, WindowsPhone or other platforms and devices
  • no open SDK
  • it’s about maps and a little bit of indoor navigation enables you to

  • use any platform you want (even some special niche hardware, i.e. in the logistics industry)
  • get an SDK which gives you freedom on which maps you want to use, your own, google or bing maps, open street map etc.
  • you are in full control where the service runs, in the cloud or your local infrastructure or both…
  • it’s much more than navigation:
    • mobile games which react on where you are indoors (think of social games at an fare)
    • apps & coupons based on your localisation in a mall
    • heatmaps and motion profiles to help design along the actual usage of your building (think of facility management)
    • classic indoor navigation: airports, university campus, malls, expo and much more

Besides that, and google maps work beautifully together, just enables you to do much more with in-house navigation.

In the coming weeks we will post more details about projects our technology is already used in.
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