2015 indoo.rs Year in Review

Nick Stein, 

Image Credit: Hai Linh Truong

2015-indoo.rs year in review


Another year in review, we know you might be sick of it but for us it is just more about taking the time to let what has been achieved this year sink in just a little. Realizing what you have achieved is a great motivator to keep on achieving more.

The Product

We started the year on release number 3.0.0 and the interactor did not exist and we ended on 3.9.0 and 1.6.0 respectively. This was achieved with a lot of hard work, coffee and more hard work. The development teams have been phenomenal to watch. Their keyboards have to go into the fridge every night to have them cool off.

The Team

The team grew, and by a lot. We are now 27 people and this will just be the start of it. We introduced you to a few of the team during the year either with a proper introduction blog, through our charity campaign, through guest blogs and also video interviews.

In 2016 we will endeavor to introduce you to even more members.

The Wins

If you follow our blog or are subscribed to our newsletter, then a lot of the customer wins this year will be very familiar. There are a lot more that we cannot talk about and there have also been some great new partnerships as well.

This is just a short list

The Events

We were to be found all over the world in 2015, for both events and client meetings Europe, North America, South America, Asia etc.
It was an air miles filled year. Again we will just give a quick overview for you:

The final link is a nice segue or Segway to a the fact that today we are running a hackathon in the indoo.rs office. More info will be available about this all later in the day.

Looking ahead to 2016

2016 is going to be a crazy year, so much is already planned with major releases, big events and partnerships. The team will grow, we will work hard and we will have fun.

We will just leave you with a video that yo might have seen before but is going to be a big deal in our industry.