2016 in Review

Silvia Pichler, 

2016 – indoo.rs year in review

For indoo.rs, 2016 has been a year of change and chances. Since it will soon come to an end, we would like to take a look back on our highlights in this review.

SLAM Crowd recording
SLAM Crowd Engine


The Technology

This year has brought many changes to indoo.rs and the biggest one of them all is definitely our technology innovation, SLAM. It has not only changed the way we are doing our Indoor Navigation system setups, but also the customer experience. While the setup efficiency has significantly increased due to automations in the process, accuracy reached new heights as well. Thus, customers don’t only save lots of time and money in their project, they also enjoy the most precise Blue Dot for Indoor Navigation there is.

The Events

This year was very special, as we went on a SLAM Roadshow around the world. We were at the heart of the most important events, where the makers and shakers of the industry met to exchange ideas and drive the future of Indoor Positioning. These are our personal highlights:

  • TechCrunch San Francisco: Tech Crunch is where business is done and we are definitely glad we could be part of it. Listening to talks from international IT leaders and meeting interesting new industry contacts was absolutely worth the long flight.
  • INFORM User Conference: This conference was a closed event organized by our partner INFORM and gave us the chance to meet more movers and shakers of the aviation industry.
  • IPIN & Apache Big Data: Both of these events really deserve to be mentioned in the review, not least due to the fact that our CRO was holding keynote speeches and presenting  our researchers’ findings there. Read more about IPIN and Apache Big Data.

The Wins

Project-wise we have had the full range from exhibitions to hospitals, airports and retailers. It was our special honour to have big clients like Copenhagen Fashion Trade Show and High Point Market use our services not only for one, but also their second annual show this year. And visitor feedback proves them right to do so.

cph fashionweek
CPH Fashion Trade Show, Image Credit: STRØM WORKS

What’s more, we also equipped our first library with Indoor Navigation and Proximity Messaging this year. Due to our location-based messages with information about the building and Points of Interest, the magnificent halls of the Bavarian State Library are now like an open book even to new visitors.  

Besides awesome projects like AudiblEye, who have integrated our Visually Impaired solution into their app, we also brought our solutions to more international hospitals and airports, which, however, we cannot disclose.

Here’s a selection of our 2016 projects:


We are a Gartner Cool Vendor 2016! Gartner is the leading IT-research platform with about 10,000 members, whom it offers advice about technology providers to. Being selected by Gartner as one of the most valuable vendors in Mobile and Wireless is quite an honor and therefore undoubtedly worth a mention in our 2016 highlights.

What’s going to happen in Indoor Positioning in 2017?

Indoor Positioning services have gained in popularity in 2016 and especially retail solutions seem to have attracted lots of attention.

Retail stores are becoming aware of the chances Indoor Analytics and Proximity Marketing provides, so they can communicate with their customers on new levels and get insights into their shopping behavior.

Big players are pushing forward the development of Indoor Positioning solutions, like Google’s project tango, which is starting to take shape. The first version that was released, however, focuses on VR and is still missing Indoor Navigation. The race between giants like Google, Microsoft and Apple for Indoor Positioning has begun, and it remains a thriller. With indoo.rs SLAM Crowd Learning all of them would be able to make Indoor Positioning scalable worldwide.

As for indoo.rs, we will continue bringing the best Indoor Navigation to your hands, push the SLAM revolution and present at various industry events. If you want to meet with us, have a look at the events we will attend in 2017 or get in touch with us.

Altogether, we can look back on a year of exciting projects, events and new chances and are looking forward to what 2017 will bring. That being said, we wish you all a merry Christmas and a great start into the new year!