2017 in Review

Silvia Pichler, 

The Projects

2017 has been a turbulent year for indoo.rs, and that in a positive way. Our project managers have been as busy as ever, rushing from one country and site to the next, implementing our Indoor Positioning system for a great bandwith of industries. For instance, we equipped electronics giant Saturn, for the fourth time in a row Copenhagen Fashion Show, several hospitals and – that was a first for us – even first responders with our Indoor Positioning solutions.

Watch: indoo.rs for First Responders


The Awards

Our efforts to deliver the best Indoor Positioning system on the market have once again been rewarded in 2017. Not only with cool projects in interesting and some unexplored fields, but also with actual awards and nominations we are very proud of. This year, we were among the nominees for Staatspreis Digital solutions and won the WSA Austria Award, the CA World Austria Award and the Alpbach Early Stage Award.


Not really an award, but certainly a great reward and win for us was also the funding for one of our latest, 1 Mio. EUR research projects on Building Utilization Intelligence.


Novel Use Cases

Many industries that used to be hestitant of adopting Indoor Location Based technology before, have now begun opening up, allowing for many interesting use cases. This has led to some exciting new ways to look at how technology can be used for benefitting diverse scenarios.

Find out how Indoor Positioning helps bring out the full potential of:


Event Highlights

Compared to last year, we have cut down on the number of events we attended in 2017, to  focus on the ones the most relevant to us. Here are some of our highlights:


CEO, Rainer Wolfsberger, presenting at MWC

Definitely among our highlights is also our healthcare webinar with Indoor Mapping partner, Jibestream. If you are interested in healthcare and would like to know how you can save a lot of money, you may also want to check out our latest blogposts on our hospital solutions and watch the recorded version of the webinar.

Here are the links:


With that, we are starting into the holiday season to process all the events of 2017 and recharge our batteries for an energetic start into 2018! We will be back with updates in January, so stay tuned and happy holidays from the whole indoo.rs team!