A big thank you


indoo.rs customer feedback

Further acknowledgemnt of the good funcionality and superior features of our technology has been coming from our customers and partners. We are delighted to hear that our efforts have paid off. Here are a few feedback quotes from recent projects of indoo.rs:

Leow Chun Tat from the School of Information Systems at the Singapore Management University said:

“We are a group of students from Singapore Management University. We are developing a mobile application which aims to push targeted E-Coupons to shoppers based on their indoor position within a shopping mall. With indoo.rs, we are able to locate a user’s position within mere seconds. Using indoor.rs was really an eye opener for us. It is revolutionary new and has a powerful positioning, floor detection and point-to-point routing capabilities. The SDK and Indoor Surface viewer allows us to quickly develop and integrate indoo.rs positioning solution into our mobile application with ease. indoor.rs will certainly change the way indoor navigation is done and we look forward to more exciting possibilities in the future.”

Andre Camargo from OneTwo Mobile Apps wrote:

“Working with indoo.rs has been fantastic. With a great product, good precision and an excellent support, its services has helped me a lot. We are developing an app to use inside malls and indoo.rs has provide me all the support necessary. Congratulations for your job!”

We at indoo.rs are really grateful for the trust in our products and we are devoted to continue developing and improving our solutions so that we deliver top performance in a very fast growing industry.

For further feedback from our customers follow our testimonials page.