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Nick Stein, 

Born Global Champions:

We were one of around 69 Austrian Startups that were honored yesterday in an event put on by Advantage Austria and hosted by the WKÖ as part of their ExportTag


Advantage Austria; Our Network, Your Advantage

This is an initiative to help young Austrian Companies connect with potential business partners around the world. The aim is to increase Austria’s international standing and increase imports and exports.

“ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, with its more than 110 offices in over 70 countries, provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners. Our 730 employees and 35 consultants around the world can assist you in locating Austrian suppliers and business partners. We organize more than 1,000 events every year to bring business contacts together.”

If you are starting your idea out, they can help with connections, funding etc.

The event was a great occasion to get an overview of the startup scene in Austria, and enjoy a fantastic view of Vienna at the same time.

This is the view from the top of the WKO building
This is the view from the top of the WKO building


There were some very interesting startups from the well-known Codeship, Mysugr to the soon to be well known.

The expanse of the fields covered was highly impressive, showing that Austria is able to find the business niches that are profitable and get them quickly recognized internationally.

The Awards

Though the awards themselves were generic as everyone got the same certificates etc. the journeys to get to that point were very different.

The awards were handed out alphabetically and though we were passed over in the initial ceremony, we received our award at the end, with our CTO Ronald Berger going up to accept it.

Our CTO accepting the award - Photo from
Our CTO accepting the award – Photo from
The award close up


The outcome

We are very proud to have been part of such an initiative and also to have been recognized as well. We recommend that anyone starting an idea/company in Austria work closely with Advantage Austria to make the journey much smoother.

We will leave you with a word from Christoph Leitl, President Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

“The achievements of Austria’s Born Global Champions are simply outstanding. Their success is based on exceptional products and services, true entrepreneurship and inspiring creativity.”

Get inspired and get started, that is the greatest thing you can do.

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Photo credit: WKO-Fotoservice