Beacon Valley Hackathon – London

Nick Stein, 

London Beacon Hackathon

The #BeaconValley Hackathon run by is simultaneously being held in four cities worldwide.
Matt & Nick are representing in London and will be offering mentoring to help the hackers come up with use cases etc.

This blog will be update during the hackathon

2:30 pm


3:00 pm

Beacon Academy

– Marcin Kasz,
– Szymon Niemczura,
– Jon Worley, Proxama

4:00 pm

Ideas Marketplace

Sharing project ideas & Forming the teams

4:30 pm

IoT Mastering

– Location-based influential program – Heimen van Duinkerken, Syntus
– showing you the world differently – Nick Stein,
– How beacons help create the perfect learning environment for students – Łukasz Felsztukier, Linteri

5:30 pm

Loading Batteries

Dinner time

6:00 pm

Hacking Time

Apps coding begins

11:00 pm

Reloading Batteries

Pizza time



And so it starts

18 O’Clock

The teams are formed and the ideas are flowing. Some fantastic groups being formed and without giving away the farm, it is going to be hard to judge the best project.


Everyone is 90% set on an idea and it is really getting serious, lots of indoor solutions.


The energy is really flowing though the finger tips, other than the music there is a almost rhythmic tone coming from all the keyboards

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8:30 am

Reloading Batteries


12:30 pm

Reloading Batteries


2:00 pm

High time to deliver your video pitch!

2:30 pm


Projects presentation

3:00 pm

The Beacon Final Judgement

Jury deliberation (which included Nick) & Winners announcement

The night has been long


The night has been long and breakfast was a welcome break for all. The hosts have been fantastic. There are still a few people sleeping on sofas around the UsTwo office so the music is low.


Everyone is awake and the clock is only getting evil looks, though 5 hours time is still available before the videos need to be uploaded, it seems that to figure out those final bugs etc. It seems that there is an endless todo list for every team.


Lunch is here! There is a strange pizza that not everyone is sure about, but hunger gets the better of the group and that pizza gets eaten too. The pizza under question was a pizza bianca, with rosemary and french fries.


Last second uploads and finally the stress is visible. 15 mins left and the upload status bar reads 30 mins!


The jury is now asking all the group questions, it is looking good for as our tech has been used on 50% of the projects, that would have been more but one of the projects decided not to present.


Jury deliberation is hard as each one of the projects hit a very interesting problem, with some killer features.

And the Winner is!

EarBuddy. This was not easy, they have a great idea and showed a lot of progress over the weekend and have a lot of potential to go forth with it.

The others were also fantastic and with some killer features that they might develop further and package as solutions.
Next level tourist suggestions, and
a disaster response.

The talent on display and the presentation were all at a very high level, everyone can be very proud of the work and we hope that you have found a good team that you might take projects further with.

Special Thanks

Milena and the team
UsTwo/Wayfinder for hosting
and finally to all the Hackers, great work and each one of you deserved some sort of prize, keep on hacking!

Hackathon Photo gallery

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