at the Hackathon

Nick Stein, 

Beacon Valley Hackathon created another #ExtraOrdinary Beacon based Hackathon over the weekend. Our one and only voice of Matt was there to guide the Hackers through using our SDK.

We were just one of the solution providers at the event with, Synerise, Kolektiv and EMBIQ among others all at the event.

Three categories

    • Locate
    1. Freestyle

Ready, Set, HACK

Matt gave an introduction to what do to the group of hackers, all can be seen here










Later on in the same video, Matt was part of the fireside chat


The projects

As the typical Hackathon goes, sleep is only to be remembered fondly but not actively taken part in. Coffee or any form of caffeine is the drink of choice and Pizza is a must. This is how magic is made and this Hackathon did not stray from that winning formula.

It is possible to see all the end pitches here but we will take the time to highlight the winner GYMY

and the winner of the prize from (a monster drone) Mahumito – Global Cooperative outdoor game

Both of these winners were very interesting for very different reason. For Gymy, the efficiency of their implementation was astounding. They were done so quickly that they spent a bit of time sipping on some tea. We hope to hear more about their project in the near future as they go down the road from hack – project – monitization.

Muhumito, was just a fantastic concept and in the world of IoT and navigation, it is not often you see gamification or actually a flat out game being made. They were using beacons to help random people actually interact with one another through a game. Very cool stuff

The summary

You have read enough from us so just sit back and relax while watching the summary of the fun.