Bluetooth 5 – soon to be the standard

Nick Stein, 

Bluetooth 5 on it’s way

As announced on 7th December, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has stated that Bluetooth 5 will officially be adopted.

Why is this big news?

What this means is that the next wave of devices, phone, speakers, etc to be produced will have Bluetooth 5 built in as a standard. This is likely to be Q1/2 2017 and of course we are looking forward to getting our hands on these devices. Though the first devices will be available with the new phone releases, the wait for it to become ubiquitous will take a little time, as with any new tech.

Once the Bluetooth 5 devices are available to test then we will of course be seeing what difference this makes to our Indoor Navigation and updating you accordingly.

If you would like to read more about what will be available in Bluetooth 5.0 you can read all about it on our blog

Here are the highlights
Bluetooth 5 improvements
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Engadget sum it up like this
“The newly adopted format is primarily about dragging Bluetooth’s range and speed into the modern era, and future efforts will build on top of that groundwork.”

More Information

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