Bluetooth Low Energy solution released


Devoted to and approaching our initial vision to get on every device, we are proud to announce the release of our Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) solution that makes localization possible both on iOS and Android devices.

What this is about

As most of you already know has been using Wi-Fi digital fingerprinting in combination with sensor-fusion to enable the real-time accurate localization inside buildings. However, restrictions from Apple’s side have made it impossible to officially provide localization on iOS on the basis of Wi-Fi. To tackle this issue we have evaluated various alternative technologies, e.g. pure sensor-fusion, and have finally decided to develop the solution based on Bluetooth LE as it proved to provide the optimal balance between infrastructure expenditure, reliability, robustness and accuracy.

Why Bluetooth LE?

Bluetooth LE beacons are part of the new generation Bluetooth 4.0 standard. Devices using Bluetooth LE wireless technology consume a fraction of the power of Classic Bluetooth enabled products. Bluetooth LE provides an excellent basis for a real-time positioning solution. Bluetooth-based solution is using the signals from beacons installed in the building to determine the real-time location in the final app and can deliver localization with an accuracy of 1-2 meters. has tested different beacons by various providers to find the ones that work optimally with solution. Together with our hardware partners, we offer specially customized beacons for localization and navigation that send signals frequently and fast enough to enable position updates for real-time navigation. The beacons reach a radius of up to 40m and at the same time are compact in size and their battery lasts up to three years. The beacons can be purchased via website or by contacting us.

What is new?

The new release comprises:

  • New Measurement Tool (MMT)
  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK

The MMT allows switching between Proximity and a Fingerprinting depending on the needs and time available. Proximity allows quick deployment and is perfect for testing or for a solution requiring room-level accuracy. In case you require higher accuracy, then the Fingerprinting is the way to go. Switching between the two is also very easy.

How it works? Bluetooth LE solution is now easier to deploy and comprises only a few steps:

1. Get the beacons
2. Place them in the building following our instructions
3. Download our Measurement tool from the Account Manager and indicate the beacons position/do the fingerprinting
4. Download the white-label app for iOS or Android or use the SDK for integration in your app
5. Navigate!

Additionally, Bluetooth solution offers an array of features and extras for you to enjoy such as: automatic position updates, floor recognition, entry/exit of building recognition, routing, geo-fencing, analytics, etc.

Finally, the only thing left is that you check it out! Order the beacons and test our positioning technology!
We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!