4 Essential Tips To Boost Your App Downloads

Silvia Pichler, 

On how to drive app adoption

100,000 app downloads- that’s what many companies which have just released their app are striving for. However, why, of all the millions of apps serving all kinds of purposes out there, would users download yours? This is just one of the many questions you have to ask yourself when promoting your app.

If you know the struggle or are just planning to release your own mobile application, you may want to take some good advice to make it a success. In our recent blogpost, Carl Emil Bregnhoi from STRØM WORKS talked about his insider tips on how to promote downloads of your app. Now we’re back with round two.

This time, Michelle Cash, Director of Marketing Communications at Skookum, will let you in on her personal tips to drive app adoption. indoo.rs and Skookum worked together on the High Point Market project. After the event app’s great success in April, the High Point Market Authority has decided to equip even more buildings of the Fall Market with Indoor Navigation.

Perform or perish

According to a recent TechCrunch article, there are 2 million iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad. They have been downloaded 130 billion times ever since the App Store was launched in 2008. That’s remarkable.

It’s also pretty intimidating for anyone who has developed an app and is entering into the crowded and competitive app marketplace hoping to have their app downloaded thousands, or optimistically, hundreds of thousands of times. Additionally, Apple recently announced that it will begin cleaning house. This means that they will start evaluating apps based on quality;  and start removing those that no longer work, don’t follow their guidelines, are outdated – or simply abandoned. So, perform or perish is the new mantra.

How to engage your users

How then might a company drive app adoption? First, there’s not one simple way and it depends on a variety of factors including: budget, audience (business/consumer) and existing marketing channels. But one thing is for certain, like any marketing campaign, strategy  and planning are paramount to achieving success. Here are a few cost-effective ideas to consider:

1. Customer-centric positioning: Before you do anything else answer the question, why would someone take the time to download? If you’ve spent the effort and money to develop the app in the first place, there surely must be a solid value proposition and benefits for your customers. And, craft a compelling message(s). Note: Do not confuse your compelling reasons for customers to download the app with their compelling reason to take the time to do so.

boost app downloads _ customer
Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes is one of the keys to success


2. User testimonials & reviews: Promote the value of the app in an un-biased manner – test with customers who have actually used it and found value and therefore have validated the app. Leverage the feedback you get initially to decide if updates/improvement are required prior to going primetime. Further, there are many ways in which you can obtain reviews online through sites such as, 148Apps.com or AppAdvice among others.


3. Draft a news alert: If you’re feeling really confident about the app, draft a news alert which can be helpful in generating positive opinion. Be sure to define your news alert strategy and ensure that it’s “newsworthy”. You can increase the likelihood of getting press coverage by including customer/user quotes around how they are benefitting from the app, or include any newsworthy metrics such as impressive number of downloads or notable/unique technology innovations that offer value to users.


4. Leverage existing channels (on and offline) in unison: Before paying for promotion, exploit your owned/earned marketing and communications channels in a deliberate and integrated manner to realize the “Gestalt” effect, where the whole effort is greater than the sum of its individual parts. This includes your company’s website, your social media channels/network, your partners — your email newsletter (if you have one), and blog and offline channels, which might include events/speaking opportunities, webcasts or trade shows.


But this is just the tip of the iceberg, frequency, fine tuning of your plan, and continual staged communications will be critical given the sheer volume of messages (noise) and competition that’s out there.

Key Points:

  • Customer-centric positioning
  • User testimonials & reviews
  • News alert
  • Leverage your communication channels in unison


Boost App downloads _ Michelle Cash

Michelle Cash, Director of Marketing Communications at Skookum