as winner at CA World

Silvia Pichler, 

Winners of CA World challenge

Following a competition to participate at the CA World Conference in Las Vegas, was announced as one of the three winners for best technology solutions with their outstanding real-time Indoor Navigation. The challenge, hosted by CA Technologies Austria, DigitalCity.Wien and the City of Vienna, evaluated solutions of 24 different IT companies based on their innovativeness, international scalability, sophistication of their business plan but also team diversity.  


SLAM technology for automated radio mapping was able to impress the audience and jury with our technology innovation. Our use of SLAM technology certainly helped stand out.


“With the SLAM Engine and now also the SLAM Crowd Engine, has developed their technology so far, that the radio mapping procedure follows the ‘KISS-principle’ – it’s simple, easy and with an error rate of zero. Mapping no longer needs to be done by a qualified engineer, instead, anyone who has the software installed on their phone contributes to the automated map creation and updating in the background.” –Computerwelt

CA Las Vegas winner Co-Founder Bernd Gruber (left) with Frux at CA World


The mix of CA partners, digital visionaries and technology leaders at the conference made for an exceptionally interesting event which set the perfect conditions to further expand our international network.


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