Case Study: Meetingroom Finder

Florian Freitag, 

The meetingroom finder

Although, we like to envision use cases for our Indoor Positioning technology which will make the world a better place, the voice of our customers sometimes tells us something different and asks for a more simplistic use. In plain language: Sometimes making life a tiny bit easier is just fine.

Hence, we would like to introduce a use case that experiences a rising demand lately: Meeting Room and Buddy Finder.

The underlying idea is pretty basic. As companies grow, office spaces tend to get bigger and confusing at the same time. Finding that one conference room for the meeting which starts in 5 minutes can become a rather challenging walking tour through the building(s) and meeting delays due to lost colleagues can become a frequent occurrence.

The benefits

Now imagine a scenario in which 4 employees have to wait (unproductively) for 10 minutes until that one unfortunate colleague manages to finish his odyssey and finally steps into the meetingroom. Until the meeting can begin, this company has lost 50 minutes of working time – and that is only the bare figure and does not take into account the non-fun factor of waiting and its effect on the climate of the meeting.

Thus, for finding conference rooms is picking up popularity amongst our company customers. With routing and display of estimated time until arrival to the meeting venue, delays due to a lack of orientation become a thing of the past. Also, finding a colleague’s desk – or his current hiding place – for a spontaneous get-together is facilitated by location-sharing amongst employees. Of course, employees are not the only ones to profit from indoor positioning in an office space. Guests and other irregular vistors can also be saved from a mazy and erratic walk through the venue.

On the basis of such a meeting room and buddy finder further services can be integrated into the solution: mobile payment, event guide, …, imagination has no limits here.