About – How it all started was founded in 2010 as CustomLBS by 2 students, Bernd Gruber and Markus Krainz.

The idea was born when on an extremely long layover at an airport, Bernd found locating the right amenities harder than it should be.

Since then, the company has grown to 20 employees, with headquarters and a development office in Vienna and a sales office in San Francisco.

Our vision is to provide state-of-the-art Indoor Positioning solutions and proprietary data for enterprises.

In February 2019, the company was acquired by Esri, the leading international supplier of GIS software.


The Researchers

As a core part of the ethos behind there is a highly skilled R&D department led by a former CERN physysist. These guys are the typical mad scientists, concocting new and crazy ways to improve our technology, mainly behind closed doors as well. Strictly and enter at your own risk (of getting caught in an esoteric conversation for 3 hours) department.

The Developers

The two development teams are charged with taking the crazy inventions and implementing them so our beloved customers and partners get the chance to feel the benefits. This lot are code hounds, sniffing out ways to make the code as efficient as possible. They are powered by coffee, Club Mate and random conversations.

The Business

The Marketing, Sales and Project Managers are all put together as they are the ones making sure you know about the tech, and are using it the right way. This is group is the headache makers for the former two departments. Customers are their priority and the solutions should have been delivered yesterday.

The Operational

This is the C-level, not your regular set of executives, these guys are right in it with the rest of the team, playing sports, laughing their heads off and of course working hard. A lead by example mentality is what they believe in.

We used to believe that indoor positioning and navigation was the “evolutionary milestone in positioning and navigation”. We do not believe that anymore, as it is already here. We are dedicated to removing all barriers for implementing an IPS/LBS solution as it is now time to give the physical world the same analytical advantage that the online one has had for the past decade.

The whole team works with:

  • Developers: Develop/integrate Indoor Navigation capabilities into mobile applications and roll out end-to-end solutions to customers/users.
  • Handset Manufacturers: Integrate highly optimized Indoor Navigation capabilities natively (incl. API) or on application level.
  • Chipset Manufacturers: Embed Indoor Navigation capabilities into hardware SOC designs and products.
  • LBS Platform Providers: End-to-end technology (client and back-end) to include Indoor Navigation capabilities per industry standards.
  • Mapping Providers: Round out mapping and service/application offerings, on client side and back-end, on fingerprinting side (incl. SLAM).


Winner    @ World Summit Award Austria 2017
Nominee @ Staatspreis Digital Solutions 2017
Winner    @ CA World Award Austria 2017
Named    @ Gartner Cool Vendor 2016
Winner    @ Red Herring Award 2016
Winner    @ Smart City App Hack 2015
Winner    @ WKÖ Born Global Champion 2015
Nominee @ Mercur ’13 Innovation Prize
Nominee @ Futurezone Start-up of the Year Award 2013
Winner    @ Jungunternehmer Wettbewerb 2012
Nominee @ Mobile Premier Awards 2011
Winner    @ MobileMonday Austria Demo Night 2010

Our Offices

Headquarters: GmbH

Geyschlägergasse 14/2nd floor

A-1150 Vienna