Connected Airport Hackathon Recap


25 people, from 10 teams participated in the Connected Airpot Challenge – a 24-hour Hackathon, sponsored by amongst others, dedicated to gathering ideas for innovative airport solutions and bringing them to life.

Some interesting projects using SDK include:

  • A Pebble Airport app that  that provides all the useful information to passenger easy and quickly – book a taxi, check your flight status, find your gate, you name it.
  • An Intelligent Airport Navigation that uses travellers movements and passenger’s reports to maintain an up-to-date pathfinder, flight status updates, passtime activities recommendations.
  • Never ever losing your pet at an airport with the pet tracking mobile app Furry Flyers.

Find more information about all the projects here  and check out the event’s video:


Apart from having fun, the participants also learned a lot about making multiple APIs work together and about airport procedures and regulations.

Next stop is SFO Terminal 2 on December 17, where the teams would have the chance to demo and test their apps in real-time.