LIVE WEBINAR: The Future of Connected Healthcare

Silvia Pichler, 

Connected Healthcare

Together with our partners from Jibestream, we’re going to welcome November with a live webinar on Indoor Mapping and Positioning in the healthcare industry!

Healthcare institutions are bursting at the seams while personnel is overburdened with their workload. Searching for misplaced equipment and losing assets such as wheelchairs is costing healthcare institutions hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. and Jibestream offer real-time solutions that help tackle the root of the problem. Accurate Indoor Mapping, combined with Indoor Positioning, Asset Tracking and Analytics provide the ideal framework to transform healthcare facilities into smart building units.

This webinar is going to investigate:

  • The current state of healthcare facility management
  • The impact of operational efficiency on patient care delivery
  • Holistic solutions that create a situationally aware and patient-centric environment


Special guest: – Premier Beacon manufacturers who were used on a recent award-winning installation and are currently working heavily in the healthcare space. They will give industry insights from their learnings.


TUE, November 7, 2017

11:00 AM PT/ 2:00 PM ET/ 8:00 PM CET

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Presented by:

Bernd Gruber

Co-Founder and president, Inc.




Chris Wiegand

Co-Founder and CEO Jibestream



Special guest:


Szymon Niemczura

Co-Founder and CEO