Corporate Campus Navigation- An asset for businesses embracing hot-desking

Silvia Pichler, 

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Technology is being implemented in many different areas on corporate campuses and driving new work style trends is a real boon for us. It has made things easier than ever. Hot-desking is one such trend. With so many amazing workplace technologies out there, hot-desking is very popular.


In fact, this has become so popular that companies such as WeWork and Talent Garden have been able to disrupt the old fashioned idea of what an office should be.


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WeWork CoWorking space

However, flexibility of traditional workspaces is nothing new. Actually, IBM have been doing this for years. This flexibility, though linked to increased productivity and creativeness, comes with logistical issues. This is a workplace space-sharing model in which numerous employees use a single physical surface or workstation at different time periods. Also meaning there are no fixed desks.


As many employees reported that they spend significant time finding places, colleagues and assets, which affects the seating policies in the workplace, they are looking for something that can help them in that.



Luckily, here is where’s Corporate campus navigation is leading the way to provide user-friendly and accurate solutions. It has helped employees to easily locate places, colleagues, and assets. So, without further delay, let’s have a look at the major benefits Corporate campus navigation offers.


Locating colleagues

When your office campus is large, finding colleagues is quite time consuming. This is the biggest problem in a hot-desking workplace. Luckily, Indoor Navigation for Corporate Campuses helps here as well as it makes finding colleagues easier by navigating to them in real time. All your colleague has to do is share their location or make public which desk they are occupying that day.


Locating vacant desks

Whether you are looking for a meeting room, desk or cluster of desks for your team, indoor positioning can simplify this task to just a few clicks in the app. This makes working in small agile teams on a project basis a lot easier to manage. It also encourages the break up of information silos in a company, as cross-department interaction is made easier and less rigid.


Locating meeting rooms

There are many moving parts in an office to manage and on a corporate campus that need to be optimized. For instance, if you have a meeting and it is on the other side of the campus or maybe on a floor that you have never been to, an indoor GPS-like feature for Indoor Navigation would make sure that you knew exactly where the meeting room was and how long it takes to get there. This feature alone would offer enough time savings to a company to make Indoor Positioning an absolute necessity.


This is one of the major challenges for businesses that practice hot-desking. But, with Corporate Campus Navigation, it is no longer a hassle. It enables you to find a meeting room that matches your needs and can accommodate the desired number of co-workers.


Corporate Campus Navigation helps many businesses that embrace and excel when implementing a hot-desking system. It helps them save time and money for big corporate hubs.


Yet it is the increased working efficiency and higher rates of interaction between departments that is driving the hot-desking switch. Beyond desk booking, colleague finders and meeting room finders, which have made working easier than ever, there are a lot of other use cases that are driving the adoption of technology.


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