Corporate Campus – Smart Visitor Management

Silvia Pichler, 

Visitor automation – self check-in

Technology is rapidly changing the face of the modern workplace. Many tasks are becoming automated from room booking to avoiding the rush at the canteen on a corporate campus. The modern corporate campus is finding many ways to enhance the experience for employees but the managing visitors while improving their experience has not really advanced, and this is about to change dramatically.


Visitor Management System (VMS)

A Visitor Management System is a solution to track the number of people entering your corporate campus premises. A visitor can be a courier, a customer, a job applicant, a consultant or also a family member. A visitor is anybody who is not an employee.


Apart from keeping employees happy, office automation will further help you keep a record of the number of people visiting your office. This is not only handy to keep an overview of all office traffic, but can also be important to improve security.


With an Indoor Positioning solution, you will be able to track how many employees and visitors are currently roaming the campus. In addition, visitor management and workflows can be optimized by being notified once the visitor enters the building and assigning the task of who should welcome the visitor and take them to the meeting room.


corporate campus visitor management


In case the reception desk is unmanned and your company usually doesn’t pick up the visitor at the entrance, visitors are left to find their way on their own, which can be a daunting task. Not necessarily with Indoor Positioning though. A kiosk or the mobile app will show the visitor the real-time route to their appointment, helping them navigate there confidently and on time.


Benefits of a Visitor Management System


Information security

Does your business involve work with confidential documents, trade secrets or intellectual property? Will you allow anyone to wander around your office premises? The answer is probably no. Having a sophisticated VMS in place can help control visitor streams and keep the company’s data safe.


Visitor data privacy

It’s clear that every company tries to protect their customers’ privacy first. Sometimes data is given away unintentionally though, or through negligence. For instance, many companies still keep a manual visitor log on paper, for everyone to see.


What these companies forget about is that visitors sometimes need to write down sensitive personal information like their address or phone number. Often, visitors feel inconvenienced by providing personal information that openly or would also prefer others don’t know about their visit to your company.

corporate campus visitor management log


It’s your responsibility as a company to respect this wish for privacy and anonymity. A digital visitor management system helps record visitor data without displaying it openly for everyone, facilitating the company’s building and data management as well as improving visitor comfort.


Save Time and Money

Suppose a visitor is scheduled to meet you at 1 p.m. Therefore, before their arrival, you can create their profile which gives them access to only certain parts of the company. Upon arriving at the campus, they will be prompted to download the official campus app to guide them to the meeting room. This way time won’t be wasted and the meeting can start without any delay. In addition, your employee can work until right before the guest arrives, without being distracted.


Facilitate emergency evacuations

Emergencies of all sorts can happen at any time. Should an evacuation be necessary, it is of utmost importance to know exactly how many people are inside the office building. With a sophisticated Visitor Management System you’ll have the information at your fingertips at all times and can make sure noone is left behind.

With VMS in place, there is no need to clock in and out on the registers. Rather, it is a smart solution that helps store all the important information, manage data and gives you an opportunity to access this data from anywhere.


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