I’m on a boat…but cannot find my room, the bar,…

Nick Stein, 

Make the best of your vacation with Indoor Positioning

Picture the situation, you are one of over 6,000 people arriving at a place for the first time. This new environment has up to 16 floors, which includes cinemas, restaurants, pools, gyms, etc. How are you going to find your way around? These monsters of the seas are compareable to a small village in terms of population and to a small city with the amount of amenities available.

indoor positioning on board deck plan
The deck plan of the Disney cruise ship Dream

This is also not the biggest cruise ship currently in use but it illustrates the problem very well.

Finding your bed

Yes you guessed it, this is the problem that faces every passenger as they embark on a cruise. A good example for this would be the Disney Cruises.
14 decks, enough rooms to have 4,100 fellow passengers, multiple restaurants, gyms, disco, cinema, pools etc. and then every night you have to find your way back to your room. This is not an easy task at the best of times, add to that a few drinks and some over tired kids and a little map is not going to cut it, you want to know the quickest most painless route possible.

indoor positioning on board goldilocks way
Finding your bed the Goldilocks way, might not be appreciated by your fellow passengers

Time to waste

In fact this is such a common issue that there is a How to guide, giving tips on finding your way back to your room.
“For some guests it takes a few days to familiarize themselves with the layout and to help locate their stateroom.”
If only there was another way, if only there was a technology that could help people orientate themselves indoo.rs. Sorry for the cheap plug there…it really couldn’t be helped. Using the indoo.rs Indoor Positioning system, none of this will bother you anymore, as you can navigate anywhere you want in an instant.

The place to be vs. the place with space

In such a big place it is hard to know what is on and where. The most popular event is likely to also be the most crowded. Wouldn’t it be a good benefit to be able to know how long it would take to get to the next less crowded concert, bar, pool?

Overcrowded_concert overcrowding








We will let you be the judge of which image is the real example of overcrowding here.

Rewards for the passengers

Navigating around the boat, finding your bed more quickly, is not the only advantge of indoor positioning and navigation using iBeacons. With the cost of the cruise, offering rewards to the passengers through noticing if it is their first visit to the restaurant, cinema, gym, store, etc or maybe they are a regular and it can be like a loyalty reward. With the iBeacons it is possible to send coupons, ‘stamp’ loyalty cards among other special offers.










Travelling is supposed to be the reward after working so hard, making your vacation more pleasurable is often welcomed with open arms.

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