Indoor Positioning front and center at the ESRI User Conference

Nick Stein, 

Esri User Conference

Esri User Conferemce
Florian and Rainer getting an early start with the set up

The Esri User Conference is a gathering of solution providers that can and do integrate into the Esri platform , to further enhance their offering.

The tagline from the event was “See The Science of Where in Action” and that is exactly what we did.

What did present

We presented real time and scalable indoor positioning system based on technology and integrated into Esri GeoEvent Server and Esri ArcGIS Online, just as a teaser.

The key highlights of the solutions shown by were:

  • Incident detection
  • Geotagging
  • Geofencing
  • Filter constraints

These all allow for complex processing of real time data streams on the fly.

Esri building localization

With this integration, it is enables advanced GIS analysis like pattern recognition, network analysis, identifying of hotspots, density calculation or outliers analysis.

This all shows how easy it is to combine the power of our Indoor Positioning solution with Esri products, which are the default standard in the GIS field, to create Esri scalable live positioning system.

Where do you find Esri solutions

As there are the leader in the GIS field, the answer is everywhere: airports, facilities, hospitals and so on are dependent on Esri products. By integrating our indoor positioning system it becomes efficient operate with workers, assets and analyze customers behaviors, tracking and optimizing many different business cases. This and all in one package.

The Esri User Conference according to

Our CEO, Head of Sales, and Software Developer Matej were representing us. The feedback from them all was this was a fantastic conference.
There were around 16k visitors and the general visitor was highly focused and interested in learning about all the solutions on offer, especially Indoor Positioning.
We presented our solution for people with reduced mobility navigating through airports. This was well covered in our blog about Airport Use Cases.

We are already looking forward to their next event as Esri Partners

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