As an Enterprise solution provider we have made sure all of our features are designed to support venues to transform into smart venues.

The data obtained shows how visitors/workers/assets engage with a venue.  With this, it is possible to learn and adjust to create the ultimate user friendly venue.

SLAM Engine™

SLAM Engine™ is our latest technology innovation. It significantly increases efficiency of your mapping process by reducing

  • time
  • effort and
  • costs

of the setup. It minimizes the required manual input and is the first step towards a completely automated mapping process, which is soon to come with the SLAM Crowd Engine.


Unified Solution® Bluetooth Low Energy solution is platform independent, allowing for localization on iOS and Android devices.

With Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons it is possible to start testing on the most popular mobile platforms immediately.

Offline Maps and Localization

All maps are available offline and the positioning calculations are done on a mobile device. No active Internet connection is needed.

Battery Saving has developed unique battery-saving algorithms.

It is possible to determine the frequency of position updates, depending on the use case, and thus optimize battery life.

Variety of Maps

jpeg and/or png files can be used to create maps.

2D, 3D, vector and augmented reality maps can be used for displaying a position.


Path routing on multiple floors from Point A to Point B.

Use the waypoint data to display the route the way you want (e.g. augmented reality arrow).

Analytics analytics back-end enables real-time data collection and provides information on customer traffic patterns, heat maps of customers density, frequency, and duration of visits, etc.

Unique opportunities for measuring performance and optimizing inefficiencies in staffing, queue management, incident localization, etc.

This is all part of the Enterprise data solution that we provide.


Mark areas on a map which will trigger notifications to visitors when they enter/leave these zones (e.g. for custom location-based ads).

Seamless Floor/Building transition

Automatically detects when you enter/leave a building or change floors and switches to the according maps, with no lag time.

Infrastructure Management

Perform an immediate health check of your beacon inventory and cut down on maintenance costs. For full insight on to all the things you can do, download our Beacon Infrastructure Management Onepager.