presenting at Frequentis Product Day


Frequentis Product Day

The Frequentis Product Day is about showing off all the tech companies that are working with Frequentis, from small startups like us to much bigger companies. It gives the chance for everyone at Frequentis to know more about all the new tech available and hopefully spark a few ideas about potential integration into new or existing projects.

We were given the chance to present to all Frequentis managers and employees and show them how it all works and talk about the future of indoor positioning. and Frequentis

We had the chance to demonstrate the technology and a full working use case to the entire Frequentis organization. The Use case was our seamlessly integration on a fantastic project with the Frequentis iApls.


Here Markus (CTO demonstrated to CEO Dr. Hannes Bardach, CFO Silvia Bardach and member of the supervisory board Dr. Christian Pegritz.

Indoor Positioning and the future

During the day and after the product demo, Markus also had the chance to host a talk about Indoor Positioning and navigation. During this talk he not only pointed out how Indoor Navigation looks in its current state but also how we as a company envisage the future of the entire industry. He presented potential use cases and highlighted other projects that we have been working on

Fantastic Feedback

As the Frequentis Product Day came to an end, we were able to talk with a lot of great people as the above photo shows, all the way up to the C level. The feedback was nothing short of fantastic and as a young company, these types of events are a really great motivator for the entire team; we are so pleased to have been part of the whole event. We are looking forward to strengthening our relationship with Frequentis in the future.