GEO IoT – The Results are in

Nick Stein, 

GEO IoT World

GEO IoT World was the first conference of its kind. The who’s who of the indoor navigation world were present from big multinationals to companies just starting out in the field. This was a great chance to talk about the industry past, present and future.

While we are not a multinational, we are also not just starting out either, so we sit somewhere in the middle. The ones with a commercialized solution which has the industry’s attention but we are not a household name…yet.

We had a short write up about us appearing at the GEO IoT world event last month in a previous blog but this is where we talk about the results. Something that we, though confident, have been waiting to have released with a tiny bit of nerves. presents SLAM Engine and the future

First the suspense will have to be built up a bit longer.

The testbed was not the only reason to be there, as stated earlier, there were a lot of partners, big players and even competitors at the conference.

There were two conference themes that ran both days

  • Building Geo IoT Innovation
    New technologies advancing geolocation through analytics and IoT
  • Experiencing Geo IoT Innovation
    From design to deployment, case studies and best practices

We wanted to hold a talk for both but decided to focus on presenting our SLAM Engine technology and then during the testbed, showing it off.

SLAM Engine under the microscope

Bernd Gruber, gave a talk not only about our advancements in Radio data fingerprinting using SLAM technology but also talked about our recent installations worldwide using this unique technology in Copenhagen and North Carolina.
He also talked about where the future of this technology lies moving forward to a totally automated system.

The GEO IoT results

We have read through the report and we are very pleased with the results. With a very short setup time, made easy with our technology, we achieved a very good accuracy. This was not a dead cert for us as this was not our typical installation situation as we are not often installing our navigation solution in the same room with 8 other solution providers.

Saying that, we have worked in Electronics stores that have had just as much Bluetooth “noise” before and achieved great levels of accuracy. The difference here was that the Bluetooth signals were all coming from beacons, that were placed in very similar positions.

We cannot give away the farm on the results but you can download it from Grizzly Analytics to get the full picture

But here are a few teasers

“INDOO.RS’s SLAM technology is a key differentiation…and enables indoor location systems to be self-learning.”

and when talking about our solution in the whole other than SLAM Engine being the standout, it was also highlighted that we are…

“particularly notable in their accuracy”

Indoor location test bed report