Google Now

Silvia Pichler, 

Google Now indoors

Google Now, the intelligent personal assistant for smartphones, has been introduced in 2012 and ever since changed the way users interact with their mobile. Via voice command you can dictate your device to retrieve just about any information you want to get from the internet or control your phone.

Thinking just a little bit outside the box, Google Now could also be used for other purposes, by combining it with award winning Indoor Positioning solution.

“Okay Google, take me to …”

Let’s say customer A has been quite busy with work recently and has not had the chance to buy any Christmas presents yet. On Saturday, he (yes we are using He as we are working on percentages here) rushes to the Shopping City Süd (SCS), Austria’s biggest shopping mall, hoping to be done within 3 hours maximum. Considering the amount of people doing their Christmas shopping on advent weekends and the mere size of the mall, this is quite an ambitious goal.

As customer A steps into the building, Google Now notifies him that there’s an indoor map available, which can help him navigate around and save valuable time on his shopping trip. The map is an accurate floorplan of the mall, including all shops and other Points of Interest.

Giving the phone a navigational command, you would be able to get the real-time route to the shop you’re looking for and navigate there hassle free. However, and this should be obvious, an Indoor Navigation system is only useful, when it works properly and gives you pinpoint locations and directions. google now 12016-11-29-15-42-55-1

If that is not the case, as currently in SCS, users might be disappointed by the poor quality, which may also have negative backlashes on the provider, seeing that the technology is not fully matured. Currently the Blue Dot is unsteady and inaccurate, providing no real added value to the shoppers who are using the routing functionality.

So, why not use a market-proven technology, which will deliver what it promises, i.e. the most accurate Indoor Navigation on the market?

The prerequisites are already in place, the Beacons installed throughout the whole building. Adding topnotch Indoor Positioning and Navigation solution, Google is only one step away from providing the most accurate Blue Dot indoors.

And that, of course, not only applies to the SCS. With the innovative SLAM technology, Google could add Indoor Navigation to just any building worldwide within a matter of hours.