Happy Customer-Series: High Point Market Authority

Silvia Pichler, 

Welcome to part II of our Happy Customers Blog Series!

We recently introduced you to one of our customers and our joint project at Copenhagen International Fashion Trade Show, giving you first hand insights into what it’s like working with indoo.rs and our new SLAM technology. This time shall be no different, as we want to present another happy customer, which can surely serve as inspiration for your own indoor navigation project.

About the Project

From April 16th-20th, the High Point Market Authority hosted the world’s largest home furnishings trade show, High Point Market, encompassing 1.07 million sqm of showspace over 180 buildings in the world’s furniture capital, High Point, North Carolina, US. The largest building at Market, the International Home Furnishings Center (IHFC), houses almost 500 exhibitors and stretches over 30,000 sqm. The MyMarket App, which integrated the indoo.rs SDK, was created by Skookum.

Challenge Accepted!

Impossible to install an accurate indoor navigation system at such a large scale venue in less than even a month, you may think- not for indoo.rs!

Naturally, buildings of that calibre still get all of our respect, and if you had asked us to map it just a few months ago, it would probably have given us a bit of a headache. However, now, being in the favorable position of owning a mapping technology like our SLAM Engine™, taking on a project like this feels just like a piece of cake.

So what exactly happened here? Two of our busy bees were working on-site and managed to map the whole venue in only two working days- yes, that’s right, two days! All in all, 950 Beacons were installed on 13 floors inside IHFC, Market’s largest building , enabling 75,000 attendees having the iOS App installed to navigate around Market and find their desired exhibitors with minimal effort.

Facts and Figures

  • 30,000 sqm indoor venue
  • 950 Beacons installed
  • Around 75,000 visitors
  • Indoor Navigation on 13 floors
  • Implementation done in 2 days with SLAM Engine™


The blue dot visualized the users’ position on the map, created a better awareness of their immediate surroundings and the overall venue by listing all exhibitors and assigning them their respective location on the map, which users could easily route to.

Furthermore, to manage and keep track of all installed Beacons, indoo.rs provided the High Point Market Authority with access to proximity.indoo.rs, a platform where the Beacon Infrastructure can be managed.

High Point Market Authority on working with indoo.rs

“Being able to incorporate indoor mapping into High Point Market’s app was integral to taking our user experience to the next level. We had a complex navigational challenge before us. Using Beacons and the indoo.rs technology was the ideal solution. The technology integrated smoothly into the app, providing our attendees with an efficient and effective method of navigating the Market’s largest property.”-Tom Conley, president and CEO of the High Point Market Authority.


Listen to an Event Tech Podcast with James Wyler from Skookum, talking about the High Point project!


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