Navigate the trade show like a pro – High Point Market Part II

Silvia Pichler, 

Indoor Navigation for the world’s biggest furniture trade show and High Point Market are becoming like the perfect steak and wine combination – individually great but even better together. For the second time in a row, it’s our pleasure to bring Indoor Navigation to the world’s largest home furnishings trade show that is High Point Market.

It’s that time again, when 75,000 people are gathering on 3.5 Mio. sqm (11.5 Million sqf) of showspace to discover the latest furniture trends at High Point Market, one of the biggest trade shows of its kind. It will be held on October 22-26 with more than 2,000 brands presenting their latest furniture products to visitors from around the world.

Five more buildings to use

In contrast to the previous market, where Indoor Navigation was limited to the main building, this time it will be expanded to five more buildings! That means a space of altogether 37,200 sqm (~400,417 sqf) is covered with real-time Navigation. The solution is integrated into the MyMarket app, which was developed with attention to details by our partner and digital product design and development firm Skookum.


“Collaborating with on the High Point Market project was a real pleasure. They have created a solution that changes the way people experience events, and especially large-scale trade shows like this, completely. With the fast functioning of their SLAM Engine, adding Indoor Navigation to the 37,000 sqm venue only took a matter of days and produced a highly accurate Indoor Navigation system.” – Bryan Delaney, VP and co-founder Skookum 


The app now also combines indoor with outdoor navigation. That means you can route from the street to the showroom as well as from showroom to showroom. Get detailed instructions on how to navigate with the app here

Download the MyMarket iOS App:




6 Buildings using Indoor Navigation at the upcoming
HP Market

Exhibitors & Buyers sharing their experience

It is great large-scale projects like these where our Indoor Navigation solution shines the brightest. For the last show in April, we already equipped the biggest of all 180 buildings, the IHFC, with Indoor Navigation and got very positive feedback. Regular visitors to the show immediately became aware of the value the technology adds to the market.


“The app has enhanced my experience because it cuts down on the amount of time that I’m, you know, lost or trying to find things immediately. Now I look at the app, (and) I know where I need to go. I’m at places on time. I don’t have to ask for directions as much, because I can consult my “MyMarket” app.” -Saudah Saleem, Interior Designer


However, it is not just the buyers who get more out of the event because of the app. Of course the exhibitors themselves also benefit a great deal, as they are found easily by buyers specifically interested in their products.

Listen to more experiences in this video:

Facts & Figures:

  • 1,160 Beacons
  • 6 Buildings
  • Street-to-showroom routing
  • 37,200 sqm indoor exhibition space using

Screenshots of the app

high point market 1 high point market 2