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Introducing our partner INFORM






Recently INFORM and entered into a partnership to offer the complete solution for Airport management. Together we will help automate ground handling and general airport management tasks as well as offer location based solutions to benefit operational overview.

We are presenting our joint solution tomorrow at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Köln, stand 5095

Now we will let INFORM introduce themselves in their own words:

Please introduce INFORM in a short elevator pitch

INFORM has an outstanding global market share and track record in the aviation industry for more than two decades in developing and deploying aviation solutions and delivering relevant professional services to ground handling service providers, airports and airlines. Today, INFORM has a steadily growing international workforce of over 500 professionals consisting of project managers, consultants and engineers serving a global customer base of over 70 organizations using the software in live operations at more than 160 airports worldwide. It has been implemented in diverse aviation environments and substantial benefits have been proven.

GroundStar is your aviation software solution that is the main focus of the partnership, would you explain what it does for our readers?

GroundStar, INFORM’s flagship suite of products, is a comprehensive software solution for optimized aviation processes covering all requirements of airports, airlines, alliances and ground handlers with flexible systems. Some of the key areas covered by the solution include planning, rostering, hub monitoring, transfer management and GSE management. The solution enables not only real-time optimization of resources, which is of tremendous value to the business, but also supports the demand planning, rostering, roster optimization and daily disposition of personnel and equipment for all handling processes as well as administrative functions, both in the terminal and on the ramp, individually and as fully integrated turnaround processes.

We are going together to PTE to present our joint solution, what can we expect from this event?

For many years now, we are visiting the world’s largest annual airport exhibition, the Passenger Terminal Exhibition. For us, it’s a valuable opportunity to get in contact with customers and interested prospects, who are excited to get to know our very latest products and solutions to fit their particular needs. This year we are proud to present a joint solution with for indoor routing and positioning and open the door for new, attractive tracking possibilities within the aviation industry and ground handling. Together with we are looking forward to some fruitful discussion with aviation professionals about the needs for indoor navigation and the benefits for different application areas. Especially the PTE is a good platform for both and INFORM to introduce our locator as it offers the possibility to reach the right target group and experts who would be interested in this exciting topic.

Why are you excited about this partnership?

We are happy about this fruitful cooperation, because it’s a perfect match of both companies expertise: On the one side, provides the technology for indoor navigation and positioning and purveys indoor position information data, that couldn’t be obtained before by using GPS, for example. On the other side, INFORM uses this accurate real-time position information to enhance day-to-day business for airports and airlines by initiating or finishing tasks automatically, forecasting task completion times in real-time, thus increasing staff efficiency and SLA fulfillment. Finally, seamless indoor and outdoor navigation is possible, which not only improves airlines and airports situational awareness, but enhances passenger experience at the same time.

benefits of groundstar
Benfits of Groundstar

Joint Airport Management system

We will both be at the PTE event in Köln tomorrow where you will get the chance to talk to us about our complete airport management system combining the indoor location and indoor navigation with INFORM’s Groundstar software.
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