and San Francisco International Airport unveil App for Visually-Impaired Passengers

Florian Freitag, 

Visually Impaired Navigation at SFO

Yesterday was the long-anticipated kick-off at San Francisco City Hall. Our CEO Hannes gave a brief presentation about what has been achieved in cooperation with San Francisco International Airport and The LightHouse during the 16 week Entrepreneurship-in-Residence Program of Mayor Ed Lee.

In early 2014, we were selected to help the San Francisco Airport (SFO) create a means for assisting blind and visually challenged travelers as they move from curb-to-gate in Terminal 2 with our Indoor Positioning solution for visually impaired people.

Today, July 31, we will be performing a “first look” demonstration of our technology at the airport with support from members of The LightHouse for the Blind (San Francisco). The SFO press event will be held at 10:30 a.m. PDT. The LightHouse, which promotes the independence, equality and self-reliance of people who are blind or visually impaired through rehabilitation training and relevant services, such as access to employment, education, government, information, recreation, transportation and the environment, has played an active role in the development of the | SFO solution. is providing the world’s first indoor navigation solution

at an airport that also caters for the needs of visually challenged people.

Along with to/from gate indoor navigation, the SFO app also provides mobile assistance to other key areas in the terminal structure, such as restrooms, ATMs, VIP lounges, information points, and baggage claim. Routing-by-voice and radius search for POIs, leveraging Apple’s Voiceover for iOS feature, supports visually impaired people who may require additional assistance to find their way through the airport.

We anticipate some more testing and refining of the solution in August.  The goal is to have the solution ready for rollout late Q3 and early Q4. Yet, SFO controls when it will happen.

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