app for Google Glass is here


And this is how it works

Imagine being lost in a huge airport. You cannot take your phone out because it is at the bottom of one of the few bags you carry. And boarding closes in 5 minutes! You panic! Now imagine you have your Google Glass on, you just ask them for the direction and they take you there immediately. That’s what we call future now.

To make navigation indoors easier and available everywhere, has developed an app for Google Glass. Just ask the glasses to find inside and they will show you where you actually are. You can also ask them to navigate you to a specific destination. Check out our video showing how easy it is navigate now. technology allows app developers to add exciting and useful features to apps like finding indoors, getting location-based information and allowing customers to interact with what is around them. And the airport is just one example of the countless applications and benefits of “handfree” indoor positioning. Just imagine how this would revolutionize public safety and emergency services, accessibility for disables people, efficiency at manufacturing plants, etc.