at e-Day Review


The e-Day 2013 review with’participation in the biggest and most famous event for e-commerce, that the Vienna Chamber of Commerce is organizing, was marked with success.  Around 3,000 visitors attended the e-Day and four times more followed the happening online. Thanks to the mobile app, developed by and Blockhaus, many visitors found their way around easily and were excited to navigate around the building. Others “attended” the event virtually through the live stream, embedded in the app.


This year’s e-Day was all about collaboration, team work and networking and and Blockhaus’ successful partnership, which was behind the development of the e-Day app, symbolically stood out in the context of the event theme: Getting IT together.

Now to the numbers:

Users have used the app in 1823 sessions. Most of the users downloaded the app on the day of the event (57%), and 22% have downloaded it one day in advance. Given the nature of the app – specialized for the event only, this is not surprising.

Around 70% of the users used the app in German and 30% in English. Almost all of the sessions were performed in the territory of the event – Austria, however there are 26 sessions registered from abroad, mainly India and the US.

The average session duration on the event day was 51 seconds. In terms of activity, the highest average time on screen was recorded to be on the web screen, followed by the schedule screen.

Screen % of traffic
Map  53.8%
Schedule 21.4%
Live stream       11.9%
Booth list 10.1%
Web 2.91%


The map screen seems to have had most screen views. This is explained with that visitors were attracted to the app for its map displaying and locating feature.

At least – there were 2 crashes recorded at the day of the event. Thankfully none of them led to a missing person



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