Meet us at InnoTrans 2018!

Silvia Pichler, 

InnoTrans, one of the world’s leading trade fairs for transport technology goes into the 12th round this September. Organized by Messe Berlin, technology providers, vehicle manufacturers and transport service providers will show off their latest product achievements in the 41 exhibition halls at the venue.


Join the event to get a glimpse into the future of mobility and learn about all the new technology solutions reshaping transport. We will be part of the exhibition to show you how Indoor Positioning and Navigation can help you grow your business in this field.


Make sure to come by our Booth #315 in Hall 4.1!


When: September 18-21, Berlin

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Recent events

MWC 2018

MWC 2018

Mobile World Congress – Creating a Better Future! Hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors will gather in Barcelona for one of the biggest exhibitions of the year of the mobile world. Attendees can expect to get a glimpse of all the latest updates on mobile, wearables, location services, AR/VR, IoT, M2M, robotics and many more.  Last year it was the perfect mixture of all these fields – check out our wrap up blog of MWC 2017 with our first hand impressions. Get insights into big players like IBM, Cisco, Huawei, and of course

Make sure to arrange a meeting with us to learn about all the ways Indoor Positioning can boost your business! You can also reach out to us via the official MWC App.

If you want to drop by spontaneously, you can find us at Booth 8.1B61
When: Feb 28 – Mar 1


MWC Bernhard                                                                          Mobile World Congress Meeting Nick

Bernhard Limberger, Head of Partnerships                                         Nick Stein, Head of Marketing



AGEO Forum

AGEO Forum 2018

The AGEO Forum is hosted by the Austrian umbrella association for geographical information, which is dedicated to unite and represent all Austrian GI enthusiasts on an international level. Their “indoor:geo:information” event is going to revolve around topics such as facility control, security and information. CEO, Rainer Wolfsberger, has been invited to give a talk on how Indoor Positioning can be leveraged for these fields. Make sure to attend and meet us to discuss your business case.

When: Feb 28


ESRI Partner Conference

ESRI Partner Conference 2018

The ESRI network is a community of companies operating in the location realm, including Indoor Mapping, Indoor Navigation and Positioning, and designed to encourage discourse among the members and propel the development of adequate solutions for geospatial problems. With being part of the community, one event that is not to be missed is their annual partner convention, held in Palm Springs, California, March 3-5. Various summits and sessions are on the agenda, spiked with lots of networking opportunities to meet fellow ESRI partners and other interesting contacts. You’re there too? Let’s have a chat!


Meet our CEO and CTO at our booth Z13 in the startup zone and find out how Indoor Positioning can be leveraged for various business cases.


Our solutions include:


When: March 3-5

Learn more about our attendance at the ESRI Partner Conference

Future Healthcare

Future Healthcare 2018 header

The Future Healthcare in London brings together global healthcare professionals from around 65 different countries, among them international healthcare expert speakers, technology providers and policy makers. In this context, existing healthcare related systems in place will be challenged by innovative solutions that will reshape the way hospitals operate. provides smart healthcare solutions using Indoor Positioning, Navigation and Asset Tracking. These help healthcare institutions increase workflow efficiencies, patient satisfaction and save valuable time and money.

You’re attending the event and want to have a chat? Schedule a meeting now!

When:  March 14


MWC Bernhard

Bernhard Limberger, Head of Partnerships


Download our Healthcare Onepager:


    ESRI Geo Business Seminar

    ESRI Geo Business Seminar 2018
    The Geo Business Seminar is another event hosted by ESRI and will revolve around all things related to “location”. Speakers of multiple different business realms will share valuable knowledge and experience on how location can be leveraged for various areas and use cases. 


    One of founders, Bernd Gruber, will be presenting “GIS indoor use cases and their analytical learnings”  as part of the analytical insights by IoT and movement data track.


    When: WED, March 21
    Session 4, starting at 3:15 PM


    The event serves as the perfect opportunity to not just brush up on your knowledge of the latest emerging tech trends and understanding of market changes, but also to meet like minded people and potential business partners and clients.
    Don’t miss the chance to meet us at the event to explore joint business opportunities!

    Get in touch to schedule a meeting now!


    Passenger Terminal Expo

    Passenger Terminal Expo 2018
    The Passenger Terminal Expo is known to be the most important airport conference in the world. All the biggest players of the aviation industry will be there to discuss current industry developments, future trends and novel ways to further improve the airport and travel experience. We will be attending with our partners INFORM to show you how Indoor Positioning and Asset Tracking can increase airport efficiencies.

    Meet us at Hall A, Stand 1200

    When: Mar 20-22

    Find out more about our partnership and joint projects with INFORM:


    MWC Bernhard

    Bernhard Limberger, Head of Partnerships


    Download our joint Airport Operations Management Onepager:



      conhIT 2018

      ConhIT is a Germany based congress and exhibition with the vision to “connect healthcare and IT”. The event brings healthcare decision makers and digital health solution providers to the table to discuss how the future of healthcare can be reshaped.

      Ever since its first round in 2008, conhIT has steadily attracted more and more visitors, amounting to around 9,500 attendees in 2017 and becoming a must-go-to event in the industry.

      will be part of the exhibition, sharing a booth with our partner and 3D Indoor Mapping provider Virtual Twins.

      Learn about our comprehensive healthcare solutions to enable Indoor Mobile Wayfinding and Asset Tracking inside hospital buildings. Using these, hospital staff are able to keep track of equipment and focus on their core tasks while enabling patients to navigate the building effortlessly on their own.


      Meet us at our Booth A105c in Hall 2.2 and learn how we can improve efficiencies at your hospital.

      Contact us to get a LIVE DEMO of our Asset Tracking solution at the event!

      MWC Bernhard

      Bernhard Limberger, Head of Partnerships

      When: April 17-19, Berlin



      ION PLANS is a Position Location and Navigation Symposium, held twice a year and hosted by the Institute of Navigation (ION) and IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology.


      The conference is dedicated to navigation technology and sharing knowledge about latest trends, advances and learnings in this field. In the course of the four-day event, industry experts consisting of scientists, researchers and engineers are going to share their findings from their latest work.


      Our CRO, Thomas Burgess, is invited to talk about his joint paper with Senior Researcher Boxian Dong and Hans-Bernd Neuner (TU Wien) about the Graphical Model Kalman Filter (GMKF), which substantially improves accuracy and stability of the Indoor Navigation system.


      “Graphical Kalman Filter”

      Thomas Burgess and Boxian Dong, GmbH, Austria; Hans-Bernd Neuner, TU Wien, Austria

      Location: Spyglass

      Date/Time: Tuesday, Apr. 24, 10:40 a.m.


      Make sure to meet our CRO to get firsthand expert insights on the GKMF and how it enhances your Indoor Mobile Wayfinding experience!

      ION PLANS meeting

      When: April 23-26, Monterey

      ENC 2018

      European Navigation Conference

      Once again, the European Group of Institutes of Navigation invites to their annual European Navigation Conference to discuss top research advances and scientific discoveries in the field of navigation technologies. Topics covered range from maritime navigation to aerospace and atmosphere, and of course Indoor Navigation.


      Navigation experts and scientists will be presenting their most recent papers, among them senior researcher at, Reinhard Müllner. He is going to introduce FLIP (FLexible Indoor Positioning estimator) and how it enables efficient device-independent positioning for complex buildings while taking inhomogeneous transmitter power levels and radio map irregularities into consideration.


      Robust Radio Localization with FLIP

      Reinhard Müllner and Thomas Burgess

      Session B1, Room 1

      Wednesday, May 16, 11:00 AM


      Meet senior Researcher Reinhard Müllner at the conference.

      Make sure to schedule a meeting now!

      ENC 2018 meeting


      Health 2.0/HiMMS Europe


      When: May 14-17, Gothenburg

      This year, for the first time ever, Health 2.0 and HiMMS Europe, two of the world’s largest digital health conferences, join forces. Together they attract more than 2,000 healthcare stakeholders and bring several thought leading industry speakers to the stage.


      Big Data, Analytics, Indoor Navigation, AI and wearable tech are just a few of the buzzwords that will be addressed at the event.


      With patient satisfaction being one of the major driving forces behind healthcare innovation, the conference will also offer Patient 2.0 as well as Doctors 2.0 sessions, allowing for an open discourse between all parties on what needs to be improved and how technology can help achieve that.  


      Our Indoor Navigation and Asset Tracking solutions for hospitals are an indispensable part of the digital health initiative, increasing both, efficiencies and patient satisfaction.


      Join us at the event and visit us at Booth 37 in the startup zone. Book a meeting with us now:

      HiMMS 2018 meeting

      When: May 27-29, Sitges


      Also, get in touch with us, if you’d like to see what an efficient Asset Tracking system for hospitals using would look like.

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      ESRI User Conference 2018

      ESRI User Conference 2018 header

      The world’s largest annual GIS event, known as the ESRI User Conference, is going into another round this July in San Diego, US. ‘What’s next in GIS?’ is the motto and question that will definitely be answered by the 300 + exhibitors and positioning and mapping solution experts.


      More than 18,000 attendees are expected to educate and learn from one another about what’s new in the location technology field. Besides an exhibition, the conference also  features workshops and high profile speakers.


      One of them is our CEO, Rainer Wolfsberger. On Wednesday, July 11th, he will give the audience an insight into the Indoor Positioning universe in a way you will certainly not have heard before, so definitely make sure to be there to watch.


      Captain Nemo’s Journey Through the Impossible World

      Wednesday, July 11, 11:15 AM

      SDCC – Esri Showcase: Startup Zone Spotlight Theater


      We’ll also be part of the exhibition, so join us there at Booth Z12 in the startup zone. Book a meeting with us now!


      Aviation Festival 2018

      If you are operating in the aviation industry, joining the upcoming infamous Aviation Festival in London is an absolute must. The event features a conference, which won ‘ UK Conference of the year 2017, as well as an exhibition, the latter alone attracting more than 3,000 visitors every year.


      What makes the Aviation Festival the best of its kind is clearly the high quality line up of speakers, which contains representants of the world’s leading airlines and airports, such as Emirates, Dubai Airport, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Japan Airlines and many more.  


      Altogether 200 + speakers will discuss challenges in terms of rethinking current processes, how they live digitization and the future of travel.


      Visitors will definitely get their money’s worth through the numerous seminars, live demos, keynotes and interactions with innovative tech leaders.

      willl join the exhibition, so if you want to stay on top of your game, you should make sure to book your tickets and a meeting with us now!   

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      Where: Business Design Centre, London

      When: September 6-7