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What is the Wayfindr Alliance

In their own words
“Empowering vision impaired people to navigate the world independently, Wayfindr is a nonprofit organisation, creating the benchmark in standards for digital wayfinding on mobile devices”

The idea behind the Wayfindr Community is to create an “open standard for audio based digital navigation gives you the tools to create inclusive, consistent experiences for your customers.”

Why are involved and what do we bring to the party?

We have worked very closely throughout the years with the visually impaired community. Projects such as our award winning installation at San Francisco International Airport to our work with MD Support and the creation of a white label app give us vast knowledge of the challenges. This is an initiative that we not only support but also have a lot of knowledge to share with the group to further help the visually impaired community independently navigate through indoor environments.

Wayfindr Alliance’s big Launch – The Open Standard

Friday 13th May 2016, Wayfindr Alliance released the working draft of the world’s first Open Standard for Visually Impaired.

The aim is that this Open Standard will help lower the barrier for built-environment owners and digital navigation services to make their environments, products and services inclusive from the outset as we continue to weave technology into our cities.

This is bringing together hardware and software providers alike for both indoor and outdoor navigation to help facilitate installations of audio based navigation solutions.

Who is part of the community?

The Wayfindr Community is built of every level of solution provider, hardware, software, and charities.

Currently the Community is made up of:

  • Hardware provider such as,, Estimote, BlueCats, etc.
  • Solution providers such as,, Audibleye, BlindSquare, etc.
  • Charities such as, RSLB, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Molly Watt Trust, etc.

There is no doubt that this community will grow and hopefully at a rapid pace.

As stated before, is very proud to be a member of this community and is looking forward to supporting the visually impaired community improve their level of independence worldwide.

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Working with

If you would like to know more about the Wayfindr community, find out more about visually impaired navigation or have an indoor navigation project you would like to discuss; please Contact Us