and KLM launch Airport Navigation Service


KLM Airport Navigation

Ever been lost at the airport? Or had difficulties finding your gate?

Have you wondered how long it takes to get to the gate and whether you have a couple spare minutes for a coffee?

With the KLM app, equipped with Indoor Positioning technology these questions will not bother you, just click and find out.

Thanks to technology, KLM launched an indoor navigation pilot project at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The new feature allows transfer passengers using the navigation service of the KLM app to find their gate more easily and to plan their time at the airport better.

How does it work?

Once a transfer passenger arrives in the terminal building at Schiphol Airport, they receive a pop-up message triggered by specially installed iBeacons, provided by The message invites the passenger to use the airport navigation that not only displays the routing to the next gate, but also shows the walking time needed to get there.

To get a feel for what it is like to navigate in the transfer area at Schiphol using technology, just watch this video :

More information on the KLM airport navigation service and its benefits to passengers, can be read here:

Test the app yourself! For the KLM iOS App click here and for the KLM Android App here!