New Release 4.3

Nick Stein, 
/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/new-releases-forbes.jpg Navigation SDK 4.3 release

Maintenance, though not the sexiest of releases from a marketing point of view, generally brings much needed updates and fixes based on valuable customer feedback. This is exactly what the new Navigation release is all about.
There are improvements in accuracy, better usage of internal storage, better upload stability etc.

The full list of the 4.3 release

  • Fix a problem where the orientation is not calculated for some iPhones
  • Improve stability of recording uploads
  • Fix layout issue in Account Manager on Application overview
  • The SDK uses internal storage only
  • Improve sensor usage on phone for better accuracy
  • Fix problem where overlays are blurry
  • Trial apps will expire after 30 days
  • Make iOS SDK compatible with Cocoapods v1.0.0
  • Add a setting to the SDK to disable all internet communication
  • Routing can now wait until all waypoints are loaded

The Highlights

Feedback is not the only thing that drives our development cycle but it does help to have on the ground users of Navigation give us a few ideas of what needs out extra intention.

Here are a few of the highlights:

The SDK uses internal storage only
We no longer need the external storage permission making this a great security improvement.

Improve sensor usage on phone for better accuracy
Improves localization and the SLAM maps quality as well

Make iOS SDK compatible with Cocoapods v1.0.0
We support the newest version for Cocopods.

CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. It has over 24 thousand libraries and is used in over 1.2 million apps. CocoaPods can help you scale your projects elegantly.

The others might not warrant a full description but they are all from customer feedback and will benefit every user.

If you have any improvements or see any issues that you feel need special attention, please just let us know.

Free Trial

Our Free trial has been changed to a 30 day Free-trial where before it was a fair use policy. This has been done to help you focus on the project as we all know a deadline helps produce results.

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