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Florian Freitag, 
/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/ö1.jpg radio interview radio interview features our COO Bernd went for a walk around Vienna’s Westbahnhof with the team of Austrian radio station Ö1 for a demonstration of’ technology. During the interview, the Ö1 team and Bernd chatted about navigation in indoor areas using WiFi, iBeacons and Sensor Fusion, use cases for public safety, and the refreshing effect of competition by Google, Apple & Co. The result is a 5 minute interview which was aired in the radio show “Digital.Leben”.

Where are Apple and Co now

This blog has been revisited to update the readers on how the Indoors Positioning market looks for the tech giants. Since this blog, the market has matured immensely so if this is the first blog you see you may want to see what the tech giants are doing. First up we show what Amazon is doing with indoor positioning  then we have an outsider in Uber and talk about the improvements to the beginning and end of a journey with indoor gps. The other big players are Microsoft and Google who along with Apple have been looking at including RTLS in their platforms.

Finally, before last years WWDC we put in a lot of research and predicted that Apple would push indoor navigation as a top priority, guess what…we were RIGHT!

This all shows that the market is moving forward at a rapid rate and is why there is a need for an enterprise level solution to offer the market a secure and data sensitive version for large organizations.

Radio – Soundcloud edition

Those who have missed the original broadcast can listen to the entire interview om the Ö1 SoundCloud account.