To Keep Their Upper Lip Warm Movember style

Nick Stein, 

Yes we are growing cookie dusters, soup strainers, …

The team is taking up the challenge, a very apt word for a few members of the team, to grow mustaches to support Movember’s fight against mental health, prostate and testicular cancer.

Support our Movember Team

Yes this will lead to some fun photos and maybe even some close up photography, including guess the ‘stash updates on Facebook over the next month, but the main thing is not to forget what this is all about.

Our Team

We are in the finalizing stages here as significant others all need to be consulted, remember they have to look at us, where we can hide from the mirrors most of the day.

There is an aire of fear and excitement as we look to see who pulls off the Tom Selleck











and who grows the James Franco (sorry James, but that was not a good look)

Photo credit: Christopher Smith
Photo credit: Christopher Smith













Certain team members, the author of this blog for example, know it will be a James-esque November and would like to apologize in advance.

The MOVE Launch party

To get us in the mood, we were at the #MOVE4Movember launch event in Vienna and really got into the whole spirits.

Here are a few photos of the team at the event.
Movember move poster












movember 3movember 2movember1






We are really happy to be supporting such an important cause and hope that you will support us along the way as well:

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