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Proximity Studio

indoor GPS at the Proximity Studio recently launched the Proximity Studio which is a chance to test out many different proximity solutions that are currently on the market.

Now, we have worked together on a number of installations worldwide, so for us once we heard about this, it was something of a no-brainer. Of course we were going to be one of the founding members.

We decided to stand out from the crowd and display our indoor GPS solution, with which we have won many awards. This was done to give visitors a chance to see what an indoor navigation solution feels like.

Here is a quick interview we did with Maciej Walczewski who is the Enterprise Business Development Manager at

Indoor_GPS Maciej

Please introduce yourself and give a quick elevator pitch of

The idea for came when Tomek, a visually impaired co-founder, realized there must be a way we can use technology to ease some of the challenges people like him face. Public spaces like shops and museums posed problems on a daily basis. At the time, there was no existing technology that really accomplished what we were looking for, so we began approaching it from a different angle. We eventually came up with a rough version of a beacon. The key factor here was that the device worked really well with a smartphone, devices we all know inside and out and use on daily basis. When we reached a certain stage in development, we quickly realized the full potential of what we were doing. There were a couple of setbacks along the way, but we kept going in the right direction and here we are three years later with a hugely successful worldwide operation based on the idea that simple technologies can overcome huge obstacles.

Now, beacons are becoming the cornerstone of the Internet of Things. That is why’s mission is to empower all businesses to reach their full potential through technology. We want to give them the chance to use the most cutting edge technology without devoting huge amounts of time and resources. can take care of the beacon infrastructure, giving firms the ability to focus on their core strengths.

What is the Proximity Studio and why did decide to found it?

The Proximity Studio is’s offline-to-online partnership platform, connecting solution providers to businesses interested in beacons. The goal is to cut down the decision making process from several months to a few short weeks. The hardware is evolving, the software is expanding, and Proximity Studio will be the channel that puts the right solutions and information directly into the hands of businesses. That is the next chapter for proximity technology, and that is why we are investing in the Proximity Studio. It will be the first to take world class expertise and translate it into success for others. We want businesses to test solutions first hand and have access to advice on use cases, technical requirements, and POCs. In short, we want to make the integration of beacons as painless and powerful as possible. When businesses win with beacons, the industry wins.

We know we are the best, but who are the other companies that are part of the proximity studio?

Apart from, our beacon showroom already includes other global brands like T-systems, Proxama, OnYourMap, Conichi, SpaceConnect, Favendo, Navigine, Xponia, and Menu Technologies. And more to come!

We are part of the PS but with our indoor GPS solution, we always have to be a little different. Tell us about how setting up our solution has been.

The system was easy and quick to set up, and we find it highly accurate thanks to its SLAM engine. The real value is that the app can be implemented in other applications and can service almost any vertical. The XPONIA app, which can be found in Proximity Studio, is just one of the many apps out there using technology.

The Kontakt team is always coming up with something a little different than the rest, so can you tell us what is next for the Proximity Studio?

Well, I can’t reveal any secrets here, but I can tell you we are still very focused on many of the same goals as in years past. We are improving the functionalities of our product line, looking for ways to enhance customer experience, providing great after-sale support, and trying to stay one step ahead of the market and needs. This is what put us on top, and this is what will keep us there. We are focusing on products that give our customers brand new opportunities and allow us to grow together. We will continue to build a company that we can be proud of, a company that our customers truly value, a company that will last.

Why indoor GPS and not Proximity?

There are a number of reasons for our decision here. The main one however, is we wanted to show the symbiosis of Proximity and Indoor GPS in one location. The future is not two different installations meeting two different needs, it is one solution that does all Indoor Positioning.

We would like to take the time to thank Maciej and the Kontakt team for there great effort and support on the Proximity Studio

You can read more about the Proximity Studio on the Blog or on the Proximity Studio site