How Disney Resorts could benefit from Indoor Navigation

Nick Stein, 

 Indoor Navigation at Disney resorts: A few familiar situations

Have you ever found yourself lost in a resort wandering around and fully relying on your intuition to guide you to your destination? We totally have too. Imagine, you have just arrived at a new place as a guest and are on a mission to locate your room. Or possibly, you are in a well-known scenario of returning home from a night out and desperately trying to reach your room while hardly being able to keep your eyes open. Perhaps, you are in town for a conference and are challenged to find a meeting point in the endless, complex buildings surrounding the resort area.

Indoor Navigation makes all of these problems a thing of the past. With a digital concierge on a smartphone, visitors can locate themselves on a digital map indoors that will lead them to any desired location. Without a doubt, it can significantly improve the resort experience by making the stay more comfortable. Not only that, but it can also help you manage the facilities more efficiently by having a real time overview.

Ben Gates finds the declaration of independence in record time with Indoor Navigation

Guests of huge resorts can easily feel disoriented as there are so many facilities – pools, meeting rooms, cinemas, bars, restaurants, gyms and the list goes on! Take a place like the Walt Disney Resort in Shanghai and imagine finding your way around all the lakes, hotels and parks. It feels as if it was built for people to get lost in – a big entertainment district, two themed hotels, recreational facilities, a lake and so much more. FOMO is real as there is so much on offer, that getting the best out of your visit is not possible without using all the advantages possible.


The merits of Indoor Navigation for Resorts and Visitors

Let’s say it’s a busy Friday evening. Naturally, the residents are wondering what bar is less crowded for a calm and relaxing evening. Or maybe they want to know exactly the opposite – where is the real party happening? That can be easily achieved with Indoor Navigation that will collect and store data about all the countless facilities in the area. Within a few clicks, your guests will have that information available on their smartphones and go on to have a great night.
Or it is 6am and your kids are jumping around ready to go and you can then locate Mickey Mouse (the closest one). Just one Click and you might be able to convince your kids to sleep a little longer as Mickey and his friends are still asleep.

Make it to a specific location on time

Running late? Indoor Positioning will come in handy here. The app can estimate the time required to reach a specific destination. Help yourself and your guests avoid stressful situations caused by delays and improve their hotel experience.

Locate friends and family in a jungle of facilities

After a long day with Mickey and Co. everyone might want to do something different. The adults might want to relax with a nice cocktail followed by a romantic dinner and the kids might want a quick snack and then head to the cinema, relax with the latest release.

indoor navigation at disney resorts
Map from the Disney Shanghai website

Shanghai disneyland hotel Toy Story hotel Disneyland Shanghai

With a real-time location sharing function, there is no need for the visitors to worry about going separate ways. The technology helps them share their location with friends, so they can easily find each other amongst hundreds of other people and disorienting constructions.

Overview of Guest Service at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

Here are just a few of the guest services that are on offer at the Shanghai hotel and the majority would benefit heavily from implementing Indoor Navigation system.

Guest Services at disneyland shanghai
Guest Services at disneyland shanghai

Digital concierge service

Digital Concierge with indoor navigation
Concierge service at Disneyland Shanghai


Modern consumers are setting the bar high and excessively raising their expectations for customer service. Concierge service could not get any easier with indoor navigation – within a few clicks, your residents can get anything they need without having to call the reception or leaving the room. Order a delivery, request a cleaner for the room, make a reservation at the restaurant – you name it! The app will locate visitors on a digital map and they’ll get things done in no time.

It is also possible to make your guest easily feel like real VIPs with a digital concierge, as then the limo can be arranged to pick them up from the nearest exit, or they could have cocktails delivered to any place in the hotel by sharing their location.

For Disney this is not just something for their Resorts but also for the Disney cruise lines fleet.

Help people that need special assistance

Add a whole new level of service by providing intelligent special assistance to those in need. With Indoor Navigation, you can gain informative insights into customers and easily locate those who require support. Send an assistant to provide necessary help immediately and impress your visitors with impeccable and thoughtful service.

Indoor Navigation brings efficiency to facility management and onboarding

Fix all the faults at once

The customer experience doesn’t end with the visitor facing uses for Indoor Navigation, Facility management is the behind the scene oil that makes the visitor experience smooth. On these mega resorts it is not easy to manage, and facility managers are even harder to reach immediately in case of emergency. If you’re wondering how to stay updated on the state of facilities, in case something breaks or goes wrong, Indoor Navigation can effectively support your operations management and save you a lot of time. With all the data available in the app, you can quickly and accurately locate things that need repair and send somebody for a fix.
With having a more transparent overview of the facility management it will be easy to increase the efficiency as all the team members will be used to their maximum capacity. It might also be possible to have a “report a problem” function in the visitor app where it would be possible to have them report issues and to reward them directly in the app.

Onboard new staff members

Bringing in a new person to the team surely means growth and more opportunities for the smooth operation of the resort. But how do you make sure they immediately start feeling at “home”? Memorizing complex buildings, structures and facilities will take a while and may cause undesirable troubles for both, new employees and managers. Luckily, Indoor Navigation can ease out that process – having maps and other data about all the facilities in one place can make anybody feel like they’ve already been in that place hundreds of times before.


See how we can help you get on a whole new level of hospitality customer service and management with Indoor Navigation.