Indoor Positioning for Shopping Malls

Indoor Positioning for shopping malls makes it easy to find a shop’s location and offers increased convenience.

indoor positioning for shopping malls phone mockup


Do you ever wish you could have a GPS to help you find your way inside a shopping mall?

Well, Indoor Positioning for shopping malls makes it easy for customers to find their way.


As shopping malls house a large number of stores, they offer customers the convenience to shop for anything and everything under one roof. But could it be even more convenient?


Well, with Indoor Positioning for shopping malls in place, it can make your customers’ shopping experience easier and less stressful.


This navigation system helps all users navigate shopping malls like a pro.


The shopping mall navigation system can easily pinpoint to the exact user location indoors.


In case of emergencies, the navigation system can be helpful in tracking the whereabouts of the shoppers.


The users can easily obtain valuable information such as direction to a specific store and more.


It is easy for sellers to share information about discounts and promotion with their customers.

See how our indoor positioning system enabled our customer to win an award for Most Wired Innovator

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