Navigating big office complexes can turn out to be challenging, even for long-term employees. offers a comprehensive Corporate Campus Navigation package to facilitate orientation, optimize productivity and workflows and reduce stress.


Real-time Office Navigation provides a sophisticated Indoor Navigation system that helps visitors and employees find their way effortlessly around office buildings.

By selecting a specific point of interest (POI) via app, users can navigate there in real time. People with physical impairments are able to find and navigate along barrier-free routes inside each building.

This helps take some of the stress away that comes with everyday responsibilities, meetings and a tight schedule.

Colleague Finder

Colleague A needs to meet with colleague B urgently, but is not sure where they are located. By consulting the campus navigation app, they are able to find their colleague’s workplace in an instant and navigate there effortlessly and in real time!

Setting up ad-hoc face-to-face meetings has never been this easy. Boost efficiency and productivity among your employees!

Kiosk Navigation

Infoterminals can be set up throughout the office spaces to further support visitors and employees who are not using the app. Make visitors feel comfortable by allowing them to familiarize themselves with the building right away.

The Wayfinding terminal is equipped with an interactive touchscreen and allows users to search for POIs. The respective location as well as the route towards it will then be displayed on the map on screen, enabling users to orient themselves within seconds.

Meetingroom Booking System

Meeting rooms are often overbooked, leading to confusion, disruptions and delays of meetings. Using the meetingroom booking system, resource allocation and workspace utilization can be optimized.

Employees looking for a vacant conference room can consult the app to check for available rooms in their vicinity and book them for a specific time period. Colleagues can be invited to the meeting and directly navigate to the room using the app.

Visitor Management

Use positioning technology to enhance your information security and manage visitor streams in your office building better. Save valuable time and money while at the same time enjoying the comfort of a smart wayfinding system guiding your visitors to the meeting room independently.

All-in-one package

The best thing about our solution? provides you with the whole package, from Indoor Mapping to Navigation, hardware, on-site setup and mobile app.

Don’t worry about finding all the right components on your own, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is lean back and enjoy all the benefits of your final Corporate Campus Navigation system in place.

Benefits at one glance:

  • Save time and money helping your employees navigate the office
  • Increase efficiency and use work time optimally
  • Increase convenience levels of visitors and employees
  • Facilitate ad-hoc face-to-face meetings between employees
  • Boost employee experience and productivity
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Efficient visitor management
  • We provide you with an all-in-one solution
Corporate Campus Navigation and meeting room finder


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Visually Impaired Navigation – Make your building easy to navigate for visually impaired workers or guests.

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Real-time Campus Navigation

Allow employees and visitors to navigate the whole corporate campus independently and confidently. Reduce stress, save time and avoid delays by making sure everyone finds their way to the right place on time.

Colleague Finder

Facilitate ad-hoc meetings and collaboration between colleagues. Instead of wasting time searching, employees can simply consult the app to find each colleague’s exact workplace and navigate there in real time.

Meeting Room Management

Maximize the use of your meeting rooms and make sure meetings start on time.

Barrier-free Navigation

Enable physically impaired people to detect barrier-free routes to any destination and navigate along them in real-time.

Kiosk Navigation

Allow visitors and employees to instantly orient themselves via a kiosk terminal, upon entering the building.