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Typical work spaces are filled with busy people, many of them swarming around the office, attending meetings or looking for colleagues. In order to save valuable time, employees can share their location with others to find and be found by colleagues faster. Moreover, the Meeting Room Finder helps, as the name suggests, easily finding vacant meeting rooms and booking management. The data you obtain and own incidentally, can be used to optimize working spaces.

Areas of Implementation

  • Help your employees find each other and discuss work related matters face to face
  • Convenient and efficient meeting room finder and booking system
  • Enable visitors and employees to detect barrier free routes around the office
  • Analyse the full use of the building
  • Support the creation of a smart facility management and asset/access control
  • Proprietory Data can be used to see the need to expand or retract the office sizes

With Collected Data, Customers have improved/created:

  • Hot desking
  • Meeting room bookings
  • Navigation for impaired people
  • Visitor guide
  • Staff locator

Any number of these use cases allow for an installation to pay itself off due to the deeper level of understanding of your customer/location.

Office Navigation map powered by Jibestream
Office Navigation map powered by Jibestream Office Navigation

Watch our demo video of client installed Office Navigation solution using the Viewer. Find out how it works in action and become a witness of’ smooth navigation.


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Positioning – Install Indoor Navigation & Positioning to increase business efficiency

Analytics – Optimize your building and general internal operations through the use of analytical data.

Visually Impaired Navigation – Make your building easy to navigate for visually impaired workers or guests.

iBeacons – Get a quick estimation on the amount of beacons needed for your venue.

Pricing – View our pricing to help you calculate your ROI.

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Meeting room booking/finder

Maximize the use of your meeting rooms and make sure meetings start on time.

Hot desking

Book a desk and let your project team know where you are sitting to help improve project efficiency.

Asset location

Find the nearest printer, stationery cabinet, coffee machine, first aid, fire extinguisher, and other types of office amenities. This can also be used for external suppliers as well, making sure that they can find the printer etc that they need to repair/replace.

Facility Management

Make sure that your facilities and workers are safe. Get a security guard to the right point quickly. Similar concept about cleaning staff, have an overview of which facilities have been cleaned and when can be seen in real time.

Lunch time rush management

Make sure that there is not a long line at lunch and that there will be a table free before you go down.


Corporate Navigation Onepager