Venue Engagement

Fairs, conferences, congresses, tradeshows etc. are all areas where interacting with your visitors through location based messaging enhances the visitor’s experience.

Venue engagement is best achieved when combining Indoor Positioning and Navigation. This allows you to get a full picture of how your visitors consume your events and offer them that added value which will make your venue stand out from the crowd.

Due to tight deadlines, it used to be a very difficult area for accurate Indoor Navigation to be implemented at these types of temporary event, but with our SLAM Engine it is possible to map venues at record speeds while maintaining our award winning accuracy.


Areas of Implementation

  • Help visitors find the way to their desired exhibitors
  • Welcome them with customized messages
  • Facilitate networking through Location Sharing
  • Enable visitors to navigate through the jungle of booths at tradeshows easily
  • Create unique experiences through Location Based Messaging
  • Use the foot traffic data to determine the pricing structure of the booths
  • Assess the needs for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

With Collected Data, Customers have improved:

  • Visit planning
  • Real-time information
  • Navigation to keynote
  • Location layout optimization
  • Finding exhibitors based on suggestions
  • Activating someone waiting

Any number of these use cases allows for an installation to pay itself off due to the deeper level of understanding of your customer/location.

copenhagen_fashion_show using indoor positioning and navigation
Image Credit: STRØM WORKS

Copenhagen International Fashion Trade Show equipped the biggest fashion event of the Nordic region with accurate Indoor Navigation. Visitors could find their way through the crowd and route themselves to their favorite label’s booth the most efficient way possible. Our partner, app agency STRØM WORKS, captured impressions of the fashion show and the navigation experience on-site, in this video.

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Positioning – Install Indoor Navigation & Positioning to increase business efficiency

Analytics – Optimize your building and general internal operations through the use of analytical data.

Visually Impaired Navigation – Make your building easy to navigate for visually impaired workers or guests.

iBeacons – Get a quick estimation on the amount of beacons needed for your venue.

Pricing – View our pricing to help you calculate your ROI.

Event locations, especially trade fairs, using Indoor Navigation require a profound amount of iBeacons to be installed on the walls. In order to keep track of their battery life and make it easy to find those that may need to be replaced, provides a Beacon Infrastructure Management tool. It allows you to manage all your enhanced locations from the comfort of one place.

Tradeshow visit planner

Visiting or exhibiting at tradeshows is expensive. Pre-plan your visit, including routing from booth to booth.

Ammenity locator

Locate all the amenities at an event at the click of a button and navigate to them easily.

Visually Impaired Navigation

Enable visually impaired people to navigate through your event and know what is around them.

Go-Paper Free

Send all the marketing and presentation materials to your booth visitors, find out who is opening them and if they are interested in follow up conversation.

Ticket upgrades

VIP treatment with service to your location at the event.