Hospital RTLS

Healthcare institutions are usually crowded with patients and personnel, making it difficult to find your way to the right treatment room. Especially so, when you’re stressed out about your upcoming treatment. Indoor Positioning via mobile app can help direct carers, patients or visitors to the right place in an instant. Providing Indoor Navigation, patients can easily find therapy rooms on their own and be on time to their treatments. In order to optimize workflows even further, staff and high value equipment can be tracked.


Areas of Implementation

  • Reduce workloads at information desks
  • Help patients arrive on time to their treatments
  • Locate staff and high value equipment
  • Reduce stress by providing Indoor Navigation
  • Use proprietary data to keep costs down on equipment usage/loss

With Indoor Navigation, a new level of independence can be found


With Collected Data, Customers have improved/created:

  • Navigation for impaired people
  • Staff Locator
  • Tracking of high-cost equipment
  • Reserving of therapy rooms
  • Automatic check-in and Navigation to treatment room

Any number of these use cases allow for an installation to pay itself off due to the deeper level of understanding of your customer/location as well as the automation of processes.


healthcare and hospital navigatin via smartphone provided by the leading indoor positioning provider


Virtual Twins

Kaleida Health

For security purposes we are not allowed to mention most of the hospitals we are working with.

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Positioning – Install Indoor Navigation & Positioning to increase business efficiency

Analytics – Optimize your building and general internal operations through the use of analytical data.

Visually Impaired Navigation – Make your building easy to navigate for visually impaired workers or guests.

iBeacons – Get a quick estimation on the amount of beacons needed for your venue.

Pricing – View our pricing to help you calculate your ROI.

Automatic check-in

Have out patients check-in automatically and directed to their appointments.

Doctor/Nurse locator

Get the staff where they need to be; when they have to be there.

Call for help

Patients and staff are able to call for help at the press of a button.

Rehabilitation tracking

For a patient that needs to do more walking practice, track their progress.

Facility Management

Have an overview of cleaning staff, maintenance staff, room bookings, etc. all in real time