No limits to use cases

Indoor Positioning and Navigation is not restricted to any specific industry; the same can be said for Indoor Asset Tracking. In fact, the fields of applications are limitless! Be it airports, train stations, hospitals, shopping malls, museums or university campuses- together we will find the right solution for your individual needs. Use the proprietory data, gained on top, to improve your services and strengthen your competitiveness over other companies.


Areas of implementation

  • Museums
  • Connected Stadiums
  • Library
  • University campus
  • Warehouses
  • Resorts
  • Factories
  • Laboratories

With Collected Data, Customers have improved/created:

  • Modern tour guide
  • Coupon redemption rates
  • Up-selling opportunities
  • Automatic check-in
  • Reduction of excessive queues
  • Health & Safety applications

Indoor Navigation & Positioning allows for the automation of multiple tasks in a business context. Any number of these use cases allows for an installation to pay itself off due to the deeper level of understanding of your customer/location.

musem navigation via smartphone provided by the leading indoor positioning provider

BSB Navigator for Library Navigation

Our partner Bokowsky + Laymann provided this video, showcasing Indoor Navigation and Message Marketing inside the listed halls of the Bavarian State Library. The app not only assist visitors with navigating the big building, it also offers tours, introducing Points of Interest such as service points, monuments and specific rooms.

MD Support

Bavarian State Library



Mobile Wayfinding for Hospitality Resorts

Disney – How they would benefit from indoor positioning

Positioning – Install Indoor Navigation & Positioning to increase business efficiency

Analytics – Optimize your building and general internal operations through the use of analytical data.

Visually Impaired Navigation – Make your building easy to navigate for visually impaired workers or guests.

iBeacons – Get a quick estimation on the amount of beacons needed for your venue.

Pricing – View our pricing to help you calculate your ROI.

Infrastructure Management

Manage your entire Indoor Navigation and Proximity infrastructure:

  • Battery life
  • Message Management
  • Geo-fencing

Security Guard Tracking

Route a security guard to an incident quickly. Also make sure that all areas are covered on a Security Guard’s nightly rounds.

Visually Impaired Navigation

Open up your venue to Visually impaired visitors with our unique Spatial Awareness algorithms. Highlight POI and create barrier free routing. This can be adapted for people in Wheelchairs or baby prams.

Public Safety

Help the emergency command center keep track of the first responders inside a building. Navigate them to the place where their assistance is required.


Have an Alarm sound on your phone and point out all the Emergency Exits* in your vicinity.

*This will only point out emergency exits, this does not mean these will be unrestricted. Capabilities of this feature are the responsibility of the app designer.