Assisted Travel

Indoor Positioning provides travelers at airports, railway stations, etc. with mobile assistance; for example guiding them to the right place – specific gates, VIP lounges, information points, baggage claim; among other applications. Indoor Positioning enabled apps allow on-site retailers to send real-time offers and coupons based on a customer’s location and interest.® technology can be used for more than just navigation and offers, your proprietary data can also be used to identify passenger flows, locate congested and crowded areas.

Areas of Implementation

Airports– Track high value goods as well as airport staff and optimize workflows

Train Stations – Assist travelers in getting to the right platform on time

Cruise Ships – Make the use of all the facilities and maximize your vacation

  • Track high value goods and airport staff to optimize workflows
  • Support travelers to find the shortest routes
  • Improve queue management and minimize waiting time
  • Keep track of traffic flows and locate incidents quickly
  • Optimize security guard routes
  • Activate travelers with time to kill and money to spend
  • Improve PRM and inventory management

With Collected Data, Customers have improved:

  • Navigation to gate
  • Queue management (passport control)
  • Tracking of staff and high value goods (ground handling)
  • Staff, passenger and inventory management

Any number of these use cases allows for an installation to pay itself off due to the deeper level of understanding of your customer/location.

indoor navigation at the airport - mobile app

Visually Impaired Navigation at SFO

Watch our Visually Impaired Navigation solution, installed at Terminal 2 of San Francisco International Airport.

San Francisco Airport




Penn Station – Happy customer series

Positioning – Install Indoor Navigation & Positioning to increase business efficiency

Analytics – Optimize your building and general internal operations through the use of analytical data.

Visually Impaired Navigation – Make your building easy to navigate for visually impaired workers or guests.

iBeacons – Get a quick estimation on the amount of beacons needed for your venue.

Pricing – View our pricing to help you calculate your ROI.

Facility Management

Have a complete overview of the venue facilities, for safety, cleanliness and also for maintenance.

Comfort upgrades

Offer passengers executive lounge access, room upgrades, etc at the click of a button.

Passenger Flow

Keep lines to a minimum and increase the passenger experience. Send alerts to make sure they are on time.

Find me - Assistance

If you are in the need of assistance, you can use this feature to ask for someone to meet you at your location.

Ground Handling

Help maintain a full overview of where all the important assets are.