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INFORM Software and have entered into a strategic partnership to combining highly accurate indoor location and navigation protocols with INFORM’s GroundStar software solutions.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA: INFORM software and have entered into a strategic partnership that will improve both passenger experience and operational management at airports. This will be achieved through combining highly accurate indoor location and navigation protocols with INFORM’s GroundStar software solutions.

GroundStar, INFORM Software’s flagship suite of software solutions, optimizes aviation processes covering all requirements of airports, airlines and ground handling with flexible systems. Among the key features of GroundStar is agile and efficient mobile communication which is instrumental for real-time deployment of resources. solves the inability of GPS to work in an indoor environment, simply put, through using beacons and a unique measuring algorithm to accurately map complex buildings.This can be seen in two different use cases: At San Francisco International Airport, where they developed an app for visually impaired passengers together with SFO, and a well-known cargo airline using the navigation and positioning capabilities for asset tracking at their warehouse.

“With the integration of the’ location framework, INFORM’s solutions can now also use accurate real-time indoor position information for optimization purposes,” explains Uschi Schulte-Sasse, SVP Aviation Division. “This means that seamless indoor and outdoor tracking (including GPS) of all relevant resources can be implemented and used by all service providers. Airports and airlines could make use of the same technology and infrastructure to improve passenger experience by offering seamless navigation apps, for example.”

Being able to identify and locate staff members, GSE, or other equipment allows GroundStar to initiate or finish tasks automatically, and to forecast real-time task completion times, thus increasing staff efficiency and SLA fulfillment, whilst also decreasing delays caused by sub-optimal allocation.

Automated detection of staff proximity to specific locations makes it possible to determine and record the current location of staff. In addition, up to date location information also replaces the need to manually enter task status updates. Furthermore, using this indoor location system means that accurate process data, which otherwise would not be available, can be collected to provide accurate billing, whilst also improving the optimization and planning processes.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for both companies to really offer the complete package to airports around the world,” says Bernd Gruber, COO. “With air travel set to double in the next 20 years, it is imperative to offer the best management tool possible to optimize passengers’ experience and operational management. This is a very exciting partnership and only the start of our joint offering.”


INFORM software specializes in intelligent planning and logistics decision-making software, based on mathematical optimization algorithms. These are best-of-breed solutions that add on to existing IT systems. These solutions allow best possible use of resources such as people, equipment and inventory, and to monitor projects effectively across various industry branches. The solutions can be tailored to a wide variety of turnkey applications, usually achieving a return on investment within months. Founded in 1969, since 1985 INFORM in Aachen, Germany has grown ca. 20% per year. Today, more than 550 employees from over 30 nationalities provide support to well over 1,000 customers worldwide.

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